New burner advice- Best qual with Yuden T02

Well, my Benq 1620 looks to be dying on me- so I’m looking for the best price/performance burner that does well with TY T02 DVD+Rs. Bitsetting is a necessity. SATA would be nice since my ASUS P5B-E has a tempermental JMicron IDE controller; but not at a large price premium and not if they are always out of stock. Speed isn’t important since I burn all my discs at their rated 8x speed. CD capability with 1 or 2 sheep would be nice but not essential. Black faceplate is necessary. Litescribe isn’t a big deal, and neither are DVD-RAM, or even DVD-R quality for that matter.

I’m looking hard at the LG GSA-H42N and the Pioneer DVR-111D. Should I consider ASUS or Samsung? The Plextors look just way too damn expensive. I once had a Lite-On 851S that really soured me on their quality- only through the graces of God and the Codeguys did I get any decent burns out of that thing. But of course I’m willing to reconsider if more recent experiences with them are overwhelmingly positive.

Thanks for the advice- I welcome any and all input.

Pioneer…and a real deal at newegg right now. It’s a GREAT burner.

Definitely don’t go for the Pioneer. It doesn’t support bitsetting on +R media.

That is correct, [I]but[/I] there is bit-setting capable firmware available for the Pioneer drives, just not from Pioneer themselves.

True. Works like a charm. AND, the bitsetting is automatic with DVD+R.

But it voids the warranty. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would recommend LG or Plextor. :bigsmile:
The LG’s 8x Z-CLV really bothers me, you know…

Pioneer 111 with the 8.29 firmware. I have 3 and they are better than any of my other 8 drives. To be fair, the only drives that will do poorly on TY +R 8X are the NECs from the 4500 series on. All the other drives I have seen are very good [I]on this TY[/I]. As a bonus, the Pioneer is also one of the rare drives that do very well with TYG02.

Let me chime in with chas0039. If you’re comfortable with crossflashing to the buffalo firmware. Another good choice, particularly if you want scanning and 12X PCAV burns @ around 6:15, are one of the new LITE-ON drives. I’m having fun with my LH-18A1P>20A1P with COdeKings enhanced overspeed firmware at the moment.

I beg to differ, but the Z-CLV burn method my AD-7170A gives me (along with the stupid dips every 500MB) is quite annoying and worth avoiding if possible!

Same goes with my LG… man I hate Z-CLV! Why couldn’t they just stick with P-CAV, huh?

Great, I just bought all three of the drives talked about in here.

Pioneer 111D
LiteOn LH-18A1P

I think I definitely have to keep the LiteOn for scanning. But I need to get rid of one of the other two. Which One?!!!

You must have mis-read me. I [I]do not[/I] recommend NEC anymore. Not since the 3520.

No question in my mind; the Pioneer.

I think you just said to dunp the Pioneer. (read the question…of which to GET RID OF).

You don’t really mean that, do you? I thought you were a Pio pioneer!!

Thanks. You are totally right, I mean KEEP the Pioneer. And, actually, I was not much of a Pioneer fan at all until the 111 came out. The quality moved me over into the Pioneer camp in a big way, expeciallly with the deeply disappointing NEC 45XX series.