New BurnDrive v1.0 beta available

I just posted the article New BurnDrive v1.0 beta available.

CDR-Info posted a link to a new CD-R software called BurnDrive which has some very interesting features:

BurnDrive supports RAW DAO, RAW SAO+SUB, RAW SAO, SAO write mode, So you can make…

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Well, I tried it and it’s very much a Clone-Clone, if yer know what I mean. Never got a chance to actualy burn anything as it wouldnt let me copy using a image on the HD (the option is there but not working, at least for me):c I have a Plextor BTW. Needs more work but who knows??

Looks like they reverse-engineered CloneCD. And it really is Beta, I clicked ‘about’ and it crashed my PC, after a restart (it also screwed up my systemfiles) Burndrive says my evaluation period expired. And the shitty thing can’t even be de-installed!!!

maybe its another spyware :wink: today you encounter spyware everywhere :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :r :g :d :4 :7 :c :o :g :+ :stuck_out_tongue: :* :8

Well I tried it too and after making an image (worked fine with my TOSH DVD within 2 mins), the burning crached everytime. I would select the image and hit “Write”. The program said Writing Lead-In but nothing happened :frowning: Too bad…

I uninstalled it no problem, at least THAT worked ok :wink:

Ok, this sounds like very irresponsible of cdrinfo. :frowning: Someone posted about his prog on their forum and cdrinfo started spreading the word without checking anything first. :frowning: :frowning: That thing looks like a counterfeit CloneCD and as such it could even be a trojan or anything like that, since it looks like coming from a questionable source. :frowning: :frowning:

Well, There is no spyware function in BurnDrive. Help dialog shows version, and expire-days left. It seems have bug in showing version number function. (If it has spy in it, why about box? People have no interest in about box.) Please excuse the system halt. :frowning: And Dear TAFKAP, please tell me the model name of your CD Writer by email. Thank you for all.


You should not say it is trojan just it connects another site. :slight_smile: It connects its home, and check new version.(ONLY DOWNLOAD VERSION INFO. NO UPLOAD IS DONE) If you uncheck ‘Check new version’ in option dialog, connection no longer be happened. And next version will prompt the user whether check new version or not. :wink:

I agree with BurnDrive. You shouldn’t be so paranoid all, MANY programs connect to their home server to check for updates, that doesn’t make them spyware. I think you all should give BurnDrive a try and mail bugs/suggestions to the author. New burning software is always good, it keeps everyone alive and working on their product.

i copied a game on sao mode but using my plexy40x reader and plexy 121032a it wouldn’t write in raw dao mode it just filled the buffers and stuck at writing the lead in