New bulk firmware on benq website (germany)

The german benq-site offers a new fw for the bulk 1620

is this fw equal (is it the same) to b7t9?

are there quality differences between bulk and retail fw?

I´ve noticed that with this bulk fw it is not possible to do a media scan with nero cd-speed.
Is this normal for bulk fw?

ciao :slight_smile:

I’m also curious to hear from someone more knowledgeable as to what is the difference.

FWIW, I flashed my bulk 1620 with all kinds of B7xx firmware before I found out there was even such a thing as special bulk firmware. It still works very well.

I compared the media specs that I extracted with MCSE from B7T9 and G7T9 and they are identical.

The versions r funny B7U9 is the latest but the german web put B7T9 as the latest date.

This G7T9 release is identical to the one released on the Shuttle web site 3-4 weeks ago.

Just to warn anyone wanting to update to this from G7P9, the CD speed media testing sucks with G7T9, locked at 2x and no PIF readings. G7T9 was able to burn some nasty media that G7P9 choked on, but if you use your drive for media testing I wouldn’t waste your time on it. I had the same problem with the release from the Shuttle website, but I was hoping this BenQ release from the mfg site would work properly. Not very impressive.