New build won't boot with 7240 installed

I have started a new build since my other DVD burning Puter fried.
Intel MB BOXDG43NB socket 775 G3
Intel CPU Q9650 3.0
Antec true power 550 watt psu
2 HDDs Hitachi 640 GB and a Hitachi 1TB (both sata)
Vista Home Premium 64 bit OS
Patriot 4 GB (2x2)
Liteon IHAP 422-98 Ide drive
Pioneer dvr 117 Ide
A Liteon IHAS 324 ordered today, and will add a Samsung SH-S223B as soon as Newegg has free shipping on them.

Everything was working fine. Today I installed a Optiarc S 7240 Dvd drive (sata) I have Sata ports set to IDE. It wouldn’t boot gave a little message unable to boot press any key to continue. That did no good. Change data cable, didn’t help. Unhooked data cable and it booted right up. Hooked data cable back up and put my Vista install disc in and it started to install Windows. I’m stumped!!!

…and if you move the Optiarc device to SATA 3 or higher and enable AHCI instead of IDE emulation?

I moved it from sata 3 to 4 tried AHCI still wouldn’t boot. All of my sata ports in the bios have to be AHCI or IDE.
Thanks for the reply, Ivan