New build start-up issues, XP64 3000+



Unstable system…
I recently built the new computer and everything is fine except that when I turn it on, the screen remains blank. If I hit the reset button it starts up fine. When it doesn’t start, the computer doesn’t beep. I went back into the bios and restored the defaults and that did not work. I had it oc’d to 2.5+ and it did the same thing. Once it started everything was stable and this thing screams. I would just like to not have to start it two or three times to get her going. Any info???


I had a similar problem with a rig that I built and it hung on start up, it turned out to be the Memory. The machine did not like Kingston HyperX 3700. No beeps or anything just wouldn’t post sometimes. Most likely not your problem but it may be something you can check and see if the ram properly seated or compatible with your Mobo.


Thanks, I was thinking that might be it. But I am having the same issue with my old Athlon 800 when the two computers are hooked up to a kvm switch. Ruled that out though when I hooked up the P4 Comcrap to the same switch and it started fine. Maybe my problem is working on three systems at the same time.


I had this problem and it only started working when i tried my 3rd keyboard, the first 2 worked fine on other systems.


cold boot issue…have you updated your mobo bios?


i would start pulling connections (hard drive, optical, memory ect) until you get post everytime. then replace whatever it is that is causing the problem.

not sure on the mbd you have but it might have an errorlog to check also


Sorry all, I’m at work so I’ll be here and gone. The bios was not updated. Attempted on the AMD 800 but failed, crashed, and was brought back to life after hours of hair pulling by myself. Don’t want to attempt again. So key board, memory, bios, and kvm switch are good places to start. Just confused why all was fine w/old computer and now it isn’t.


you didn’t change the memory speeds or latency did you?


No, I touched nothing on the memory side. Don’t really know much about latency and timing to be honest. Been meaning to figure it out for when I settle in on an oc. Everthing seems stable and cool with the fsb at 250 which gives me 2250 mhz for the cpu. Just can’t get the thing to start in one try, even at stock speeds. Gonna try the kvm switch thing. Seems to be most likely.


you have the FSB too high! in your sig you say DDR 400 so it should be set at 200MHz FSB. So set your fsb to 200MHz and adjust your cpu multiplier to suit or let it automatically detect it


Maybe I’m thinking of something else cause I am on the pc now and all is well. I thought that the multiplier is locked at 9 but in the bios I can lower it or set it to auto. Then the only way to oc is to speed up the cpu and memory via the fsb increase. At least that was my understanding. Please explain in more detail.


Twas the kvm switch. Or so it seems. The error messages were, “IDE channel 0 no 80 conductor cable installed”, and “your system last boot fail or post interrupted”. Pressing the reset switch got the system past that. This new puter is going to the big screen and I can deal with the old 800 being picky. Sad that technology has come so far and still a kvm switch can creat an issue. Anyway, I would still appreciate any info on the oc thing if you could. Not a newbie to the computer world, but I’ve never oc’d any of my pc’s before. And the latency, memory timing, how does that work? Thanks in advance.


Oh, and the fsb increase may not be entirely accurate. The bios calls it “cpu frequency”. Are we talking about the same thing?


time to start reading up :wink:"overclocking+athlon+64"&spell=1

overclocking an Athlon64 is a little different than any other platform. it would really be a benefit if you read up on the basics of HTT, LDT, Memory dividers, etc. at the above links.


Thank you. I’ll get into it some tonight at work.


And I can speed up the pci express rate in the bios. Will that do much for overall performance or would it be more necessary for hard core gamers? What about the A.I. Overclock option with the A8N-SLI board? It’s a cool gui in XP that allows me to change the frequency while monitoring temperature and such. When I raise the speed it responds but reverts back to normal in about 15 seconds.