New build--some opinions and suggestions wanted

Which case would you pick
or do you have another suggestion


cpu i7-6900k
gpu ASUS GTX1070 Turbo
boot drive 950 pro m2 256gb
temp drives 3x 950 evo 500gb ssd
mass storage wd red 4tb
psu rm650i
cpu cooler h105
odd1 bdr-2209
odd2 wh14ns40
Any suggestions and recommendations or improvements (within reason) appreciated

Starting with the case, the only thing that someone has to say is get the one
that you like, you will be looking at it for a long tine, so for me if it was between
the A240 and the spec M2 i would go for th 240.
Also in my eyes the 240 appears to have slightly better cable management
capabilities, but as I said, you will be looking at it, so get the one that you
like the most.

Motherboard looks OK, but if you are going to put an M.2 SSD and VGA you
might have to deal with some extra heat on the m.2 SSD since the m.2 slot
its located above the first PCIe slot. However not sure if any other manufacturers
have a different location for th em.2 slot.

RAM looks good, 4x8GB is more than enough for everything, at least for the
now, later and depending on your use this might change, but for now 32GB is
the best choice for an X99 system.

My two cents.

Thanks for the input

You are welcome.