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I have made the following buys (soma new onew - some older) in order to build a new PC. Since for some of them I have still time to make some changes (of certain products), please advise what (and why) you will be changing. I put the prices next to each product to show you that Greek market is quite expensive.
Thank you GMMM47
CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo 6750 (S775/2,66ghZ/1333MHz) Tray € 175
COOL. : for CPU : ZALMAN 9700 NT € 65
MOBO : ASUS P5K Deluxe WiFi AP (P35-S775-DDR2-CrossFire) € 175
RAM : Teamxtreem 2GB DDRII 800MHz 4-4-4-10 TXDD2048M800HC4DC € 130
VGA : SAPPHIRE Radeon X1950 Pro 512MB (PCI Express – Dual DVI) € 125
HDD1 : SEAGATE Barracuda 7200.10 SATA II 320GB (ST3320620AS) € 80
HDD2 : SEAGATE Barracuda 7200.10 SATA II 320GB (ST3320620AS) € 80
PSU : SEASONIC S12-650 80+ Energy 650W € 125
DVD1 : NEC 7173 Label Flash (Retail) € 25
DVD2 : LG Lightscribe GSA-H50LRBB Black (Bulk) € 28
FLOPPY: TEAC 3,5’ IDE & 7 in 1 Card Reader € 25
BOX : LIAN LI PC 7 SE - B III € 85
ΚΕΥΒ+Μ:LOGITECH MX3000 Laser € 65
OS : Windows XP SP2 Home Edition English € 85
Multi M : CANON PIXMA MP 600 Inkjet - Multi € 210
TFT : SAMSUNG SM206BW (20“ Wide – 1680x1050) € 265

Link to store?


for 130 sterling you should be getting cas 3 800 ram

unless you have the thermaltake heat sinks included


It is a Greek Shop in Athens and other areas in Greece, calles PLAISIO. The link is :

I think that 130 GBP is about 190 Euros. I know that I could get something better with this money and anyway if I had to change something in my system it should be from the same store in Greece (I put the link above).
The only thing I am trying to find somewhere in Europe is the Super Multi DVD RW LG GSA-H62L but I do not know where I can find it.
Thanks for your comments

my bad, euros not pounds

I have been interested in this site for some time as it’s only one of 3 offical distributors for TY media

prices are greek tho?

The prices in Greece are in Euro since 2002.

if 100 8x ty dvd+r are 17 euros? that’s still only 24$

I recommend you change the graphics card to a Nvidia card.

Nvidia in my opinion has superior drivers and support. Also, might I add that ATI is owned by AMD which has Billions of debt. AMD might not even exist this time next year, who knows. :wink:

Yes you are right about Nvidia and I might do that in the future. Besides that my MOBO supports Crossfire and not SLI (In case I would like to put 2 cards of the same kind in the future).
Well I do not think that AMD will not exist next year. They got ATI a few months ago and pretty soon will bring to the market their new Phenon CPUs. We will see.
TKS for your comments

It was just speculation. :slight_smile: If AMDs new CPUs fail to attract a lot of customers it could well be the end of AMD, but of course no one knows.

GMMM47, you may be interested inthis article, the main reason i switched to Gigabyte Mobo in my build.

That’s true, but Ati’s X1950 Pro is currently the best choice on the video market, since GeForce 7950 cards can be hardly found. The current GeForce 8xxx cards are all junk, IMHO. (Low performance or insane power requirements). Maybe with the arrival of 8800GT the situation will get better.

I know that the ASUS P5K Deluxe is a “hot stuff” (ha - ha) but I did not expect to be really so hot. Thank you for this article Molnart.
Regarding the the 8800GT arrivals you are talking about Slovakia. Right ?
By the way you are in or close to Bratislava ? Sorry to mention it but my soccer team (Panathinaikos) kicked out from the UEFA Cup your Bratislava team (Armendia?).
Good night

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4
138 EUR
Better choice of components in general (IMO), if you want wifi buy a separate WLAN card.
Very good board if you read reviewws.

RAM: Crucial RAM 2Gb Kit DDR2 800
94 EUR
As I stated earlier in molnart’s thread, at least I would go for stock quality RAM which actually runs at 1.8V. They’ll perform a bit worse but in the end I highly doubt you’ll notice a difference.

THe Radeon 1950Pro still gives you a very good bang for the buck, drivers work as good/bad as nVidias.

PSU: You’ll be fine with a Seasonic S12 500W 80-plus
96 EUR
No need to go beefier, if you still insist I’d grab the HX620 by Corsair instead.

DVD: Ditch the Optiarc DVD-drive and get a Samsung SH-S203B instead, better drive overall.
34 EUR

…and with the money you’ve “saved” you can upgrade to the Logitech MX5000 which features Bluetooth. :smiley:

To be honest I’d never buy some odd branded TV-card again, I can highly recommend you to search for a Avermedia/AverTV A16A Hybrid (may be called A16A sometimes) its quite cheap (about the same price as the Azurewave). It has BDA drivers (you’re card will be useless if it doesnt support BDA) and very good hardware so you’ll get good picture quality for a home user card.


Thank you DiiZzY for your comments and suggestions. I was not in and I saw them awhile ago. I 'll check your proposals in our market.

Yes, i’m straight in Bratislava

May be, i don’t care about football. But AFAIK they are called Artmedia

All can be found at the website you linked earlier

Try getting a Q6600 is possible. It is much better than the e6750. If your budget will allow for it, go ahead. You will not regret it.

Depends quite a bit on what you’re going to use it for…