New Build - Audio Problem

I just built a new computer for a HTPC. The last time I posted here, I had good response, and it fixed my problem. Mobo is a Gigabyte GA-p35-ds3lwith onboard Realtek ac888 i think. Anyway, since it is a HTPC, i need my audio to pass through SPDIF to my AV reciever? My graphics card is a MSI NX8500GT-MTD256EH which has HDMI out and will pass SPDIF thru it as long as its hooked up to the audio header on mobo.

Well I have been working on this (and searching the web) for over a week now) No audio thru SPDIF, not PCM, or DD, or DTS - nothing.

I also beleive that I have the software configured correctly. Through my internet searching I found that their were many problems installing the drivers for this. So I reinstalled every different way that Gigabyte’s site told me too.(even though I had no problems installing) On an AV forum, I found that WinTV drivers can override other sound devices, and that it was picky with SPDIF. So tonight I reloaded Windows XP MCE SP2, and didn’t install, WinTV, and tried it all again. No dice. Any way the device is working in analog, cause it plays 2 channel through the green 3.5mm jack to my reciever, but absoluteley no digital signal thru SPDIF, either digital coaxial in the I/O - or pass thru to VGA from the mobo header. I know I could just get a sound card and be happier and it works, but it is the principle.

Here are some screen shots of how everything looks as of right now


I forgot to mention that in the sound control panel, the SPDIF option is greyed out and can not be moved, is this the way it should be?

Do you have the settings in your bios set right for your onboard sound.

Sorry i don’t know your mobo at all but someone else might.

In the bios I have the Azalia Codec Enabled, and I am getting audio out of the analog (green mini jack). Which to me means that the sound hardware is converting the digital signal to analog audio.

I am digging in tonight and looking at all my connections, anyone else see a volume slider blanked out like mine, is it suppose to be like that?

You might have to turn the spdif on in the ‘realtek audio device manager’.

I was going to suggest to install the ‘ati audio device driver’ from realtek, but your using a nvidia card.

also try installing the latest audio driver directly from realtek.

Well, I have to say that I like this board, except for the audio and Gigabyte’s customer service.

Just had a couple day email exchange with them , where none of my questions were answered, and their final reply was that the SPDIF connectors on the motherboard are faulty -RMA?!?!

2 connectors bad, I wouldn’t bet on that. I’m sure its software related, not to mention that the thing does put out analog!

I am ticked off and looking for a good sound card that will output 2 channel analog, and 5.1 digital at the same time? Any suggestions? Another thing that would be nice is someway to capture the 5.1 DD off my Tv tuner at the same time too, is anyone doing this? Maybe I need to make a new post!

Did you try unplugging the analog output, I think the alc888 codec has some limitations.

Also make sure the 4-pin spdif connector is connected in the correct direction, maybe its backwards.

You need to configure it in the “Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager” and I doubt you can get 5.1 (DD/DTS) and analogue stereo at the same time but you should be able to the both connected. Keep in mind that you might need to resample your audio source (SPDIF) unless you change it to 44.1kHz in Realtek’s Effect Manager…