New BTC 1008 Review

I bought this drive as an I/O Magic, but it was a really good at $49.99 after $30 rebate at Staples. It was a rebadged BTC 1008. I’m posting a picture of what I received in the box, and the sticker on the drive. Looking for a very inexpensive drive, this is “rock bottom” for now and probably the summer. I posted a full review at epinions

Check out these shots from DVD Info pro from my BTC 1008. It was reading a DVD+RW disc, will repeat when faster nonrewritable media available.

Just One little question How do you know it’s a BTC drive?

The stickers are very obvious, and the model name is printed there too.


DVDRW IDE1008 is the exact name of the BTC1008IM drive


If you look at the stickers, it is obvious it is a BTC drive. It has accepted the 0758, and 0059 firmware updates with no issues. By accepting a firmware update it proves it is the BTC drive.