New boot here needs help

I try to burn dvd’s now after having this software(Anydvd and slysloft) and has been doing wonderful but now I get this

Processing Error
D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_11_2.VOB:read error

Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service

If reading the media has failed please clean the surface and try agin.

I haven’t been loading it to my hardrive so why is it stopping me. It will go to about 87% of the movie and quit burning. Please Advise.

What version of AnyDVD? What movie?

Do you have enough memory and/or space allocated for temporary files?

. I think agomes is on the right track. Even though you may not be saving to disk, the program uses the HDD for temporary storage. Judging by the fact that it doesn’t crash until you so far along in the process, I’m guessing the app saves the whole thing to disk before writing the disc. Trying freeing up some more disk space and see what happens.
. If that doesn’t help, check your RAM usage.