New Bluray technology not supported in some players Please advise

I have the latest CyberLink PowerDVD v8.0.2217.50 Ultra + HD DVD

Playback Addon

( I have also tried the latest arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre and Nero

showtime) .

The problem is there seems to be some new BR technology neither of

those supports ,because when ever I try to play a very recent BR disc ,

( not sure If I can say the name/title).

either from a folder , or emulated as an iso , I get the message that

my BR player needs an update to support this movie ,and to visit

the manufacturers site , and on those sites no help exists .

Are you in the know on what I need here , where am I lacking

and where do I get what I need to play this ?

I have all the latest Win XP , Video card drivers etc and did a Bluray advisor check as well


My PowerDVD 8 is version 8.0.2217a.00 (a bit different than yours), and if I click my registered name in “About” the DVD version is 8.0.4727.50. I never get the update message anymore.

This is part of AACS, the player key for that software has been revoked, presumably because it was cracked.

You need to update your software to latest, it has a new player key.


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