New Blu-Ray writer for IBM A31p 2653-r9u with EIDE/ATAPI connection



This laptop has the UltraBay 2000 Plus and would prefer an exact fit or an adapter with the appropriate fit and ATAPI / EIDE connector. Want the compliment of formats for read and write with ROM and RAM. Would someone elaborate and point me in the right direction?


Search eBay for UJ-220 or 39T2853.

I’m not sure if it will fit your laptop exactly.


I’m on the hunt.

Why do you suggest that it may not fit my machine. Dimensions, SATA, or what?


The Thinkpad A31 (other models too, and some Dell Latitudes) use a special housing for the optical drive.

If you have the old optical drive then you can remove the housing and mount it to the new BD writer. That should work fine.

If you don’t have the old optical drive then you have to buy a cheap optical drive specifically for Thinpads and remove the housing from that.

Here is a video of doing this for a Dell, but it should be roughly the same for a Thinkpad:


I appreciate your help. I do have the original drive and will look at the video. I seem pretty handy and should be able to accomplish this.

Thanks again!