New blu-ray bwu-100a DOA?

just got my new blu-ray burner in. hooked it up, turned on the pc and when I push the eject button nothing happens except the blue light on the front flashes a few times. I updated the firmware to the latest, rebooted and it does the same thing. go into my computer right click the drive and select eject and also nothing happens. so did I receice a pos and need to replace or am I a dumbsh*t that doesnt know how to eject? :slight_smile:

This sounds like a problem with the drive… my first guess would be the switch under the eject button on the front of the drive but the fact that software-triggered eject has no effect tends to point to the eject motor or somehting like a displaced belt [BWU-100A has a belt-driven tray].

Some drives tend to get a ‘sticky tray’ syndrome, exactly as you described, with age, but it can also be simulated by pressing the eject button twice in quick succession [think ‘double-clicking’ the eject button like a mouse button]. I just tried an experiment with several drives to see what effect the double click has, and this is what I found. With LG and Lite-On drives a double click always results in a partial or full opening and closing of the tray. But Sony BWU-100A and older BenQ drives [DW1640/1650/1655] have a significant delay so it is very easy to press the button twice quick enough for the tray to never even begin moving. To the drive, this looks like two commands, to open the tray and then close it, which triggers disc detection and the corresponding blinking of the blue LED.

So, there is a chance of something like that going on with the button too. Try applying different amounts of pressure to the eject button [hitting it lightly or firmly] or holding the button a little longer. Any variation in tray behavior due to the way the button is pressed would confirm malfunction of the switch under the eject button. Hopefully, this will narrow down your problem… but if you don’t get the tray to open consistently, have the drive replaced.