New 'Blockbuster Movie Pass' streaming service limited to Dish subscribers



New ‘Blockbuster Movie Pass’ streaming service limited to Dish subscribers.

[newsimage][/newsimage]If you believed Dish Network and Blockbuster would put together a Netflix competitor, it turns out you were only half right. The satellite TV provider announced today an integrated service dubbed Blockbuster Movie Pass which will cover all facets of home entertainment - unlimited instant streaming, by-mail rentals and video games for $10/month. Before you get too excited, check your monthly TV bill. The Blockbuster Movie Pass will be exclusive to Dish subscribers when it launches on October 4th.

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Lets see now…

The cost of the dish service plus $10.00 ‘Blockbuster Movie Pass’, not bad course I see a price increase of dish network to compensate/pay blockbuster for it’s low price in the near future.

But it will still be better then NF.



Awesome!!! I can’t wait. I’ve already cancelled Netflix and being a Dish customer, this works out PERFECT!


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