New BlindWrite Suite released!

I just posted the article New BlindWrite Suite released!.

A new update of BlindSuite (BlindRead and BlindWrite This update fixes the Windows 95 compatibility problem of BlindWrite, plus other minor changes.


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I couldn’t download it with Download Accelerator Plus :frowning: It gives an error “Server had internal errors”. Could it be because of DAP?

I don’t know but it says the same internal error, i’m using version. :frowning:

Another version of this rubbish that does NOT work with TEAC CD-R55S! Cannot even copy an unprotected PSX game.

Weird. I tried to d/l it again today and it didn’t work… Then I visited Recoding Undergound and tried downloading it there by clicking in that link which points to the same URL on the BlindWrite site and guess what? It worked. I’m downloading it right now :slight_smile: I’m at 35%… Hope no errors occur…