New BlindWrite - Post settings & results with latest protection schemes

A new version of BlindWrite is out, v4.2 According to the software developpers it can cope with the latest protections that use physical media info by introducing a new file formats.

You can read about this new version here

If you are not familiar with the software in general, you can read the BlindWrite review here

Post here any results you might get with this version of BlindWrite and games protected with the newest securom.

(pitty i don’t have any such yet :frowning: )


In the last couple of days there have been a lot new threads related to the new version of BW and its success with the latest SD and Securom versions.

In order to prevent the chaos that would be created by 10-20 such threads, they have been merged with this one, so that any member/visitor can find all info gathered in just one thread. During this process some posts which are not related to the thread’s subject are / will be deleted. Sorry about this but it is necessary for making this sticky thread consistent. :slight_smile:

Anyway How I have to use the bwa constructor??
It doesn’t start analyzing the cd with my liteon48125W…dunno why!

there are very few deatils on bwa, does anyone have a clue??

I have downloaded the software and the help is non-existant on how to use the new stuff. I am willing to try and have but I do not know how to do it using the bwa,

Philambee, Kamikaze is right, this tool is not so intuitive to use.
Anyway try to set the max read sectors < 300000 and try to use a SecuromNEW disc.

to use that new item in BW…set the sector size at least to 200,000 sectors and i read at max took about 3 minutes to analyze

check this out of hitman 2

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when i scanned my store bought of ut2k3 i get a totally different result,
around 2000,8000,220000 it goes far down, almost to 0, meanwhile 140000 goes all the way up. and the rest of it has minor ups and downs :stuck_out_tongue:

wish i had a page to post a screenshot tho, it is far different from the result monkey had with hitman2

the latest version of BWABuilder is available in the insektor 3 package. with this 2 new tool you are able to run games without emulation, and even if you already burn cd with all version of blindwrite ( or other software ) by assigning a bwa file built with the latest BWABuilder.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thanx for letting us know Lapinou :wink:

This has also been newsposted on the Main Page

For any feedback anout this new version of Insectors post here.

A new version of BW that will allow 1:1 copies of the latest SD protected games is due tonight.

I just tried to backup Unreal Tournament 2003 using BlindWrite Suite 4.2.1 and it worked! SafeDisc/SecuROM Version Detector identify the protection as SecuROM - 4.83.11 0005. I did the extraction using a JLMS-LTD163D, and burned it with a TDK CDRW4800B. I’ve used BWA builder to create the BWA file and followed the instruction contained in the file “HowToBWA” to burn the image to a cd-r. The JLMS-LTD163D was used to create the BWA, at 8x. The JLMS-LTD163D was again used to read the complete image, at full speed this time. The image was burned at full speed. If you need anymore info, ask away.

I’ve made 5 working copy out of 5. 3 using cheap TDK Ritek made 32x CD-R, and 2 using Fuji TY made 32x CD-R.

UT2K3 copied.

I used Blindwrite 4.2.1 to read the image at max speed on my Memorex 48MAXX and then read the BWA at 4x. I then burned the image at max speed and it works!:bigsmile:

One thing I will say, when I click on play, the “cd spinning icon” just spins for literally 5 minutes (I timed it) before the splash screen appears and the game starts…but it DID start!

edit: It takes 5 min to start from my Pioneer 116 DVD ROM drive, if I play from the Memorex 48MAXX with clonecd hide cd-r media turned on, it starts in normal time…1-3 seconds.


The latest version of :bow: Blindwrite :bow: with the included BWA writer was able to copy UT 2003 (for me anyway) without any undue knowledge necessary.

I won’t go into the details, because really, there aren’t any. Buy the latest version of Blindwrite. Take 60-90 seconds to read the instructions and your good to go.

I’ve made 10 successful copys (on re-writeables of course) and I’ve spent the day driving over to different friends houses to install and play. All I can say is, it’s worked on all 7 machines I’ve tried with a wide variety of specifications! No emulation was even available on 4 of the pc’s and none was used on the other 3 regardless. No “Hide CDR Media” was used either. And the verify time is only 5 seconds maximum on an HP reader. All the rest were 2-3 seconds.

I know there will be the usual resistance to this report and rightfully so. This whole Securom NEW has been and eratic process with erratic results. I am only posting 7 successful experiences. Others may not be quite so lucky, but hey! it’s worth a try.

I can confirm. I just got done with UT2K3 and it works! And it’s easy to do :slight_smile:

The game loaded and played from the backup I just made and it didn’t take 5 minutes either. It started right away from the copy.

Kudos to the Blindwrite team.

Using LG 8400B I made a backup of Civ3 Play the World which uses SecuROM

BWA file was made at 4x, everything else created and burned at 24x. (DAO-PW)

Tested on Pioneer DVD and LG CDR with no other changes. Both take 3-5 minutes to verify but at last they do verify and the game starts up.

I am also going to go back try everything at a slower rate and try some different settings in BW - hopefully that will allow it to verify faster on my drives.

I used Blindwrite with a 24X and 48X Lite-On. Worked great with no Hide CDR Media either.

I was able to make a working copy of a UT2003 original using
Blindwrite 4.2.1, just following the instructions (How to BWA).

My setup:
XP Pro SP1
Liteon LTD 163D GHR3 firmware
Liteon 40125S ZSON firmware.

Same here, a working copy of UT2003 with no emulation. It’s the only secure Rom game that I have so I can’t post results with any others. I’ll try to get a copy of Hitman2 tomorrow and post results.

use latest blindwrite but what do u do? just let blindread read then burn the image or u have to do extra steps im new so i dont really know much about backing up can anyone help out?thnkz mates… when u do the file for bwa what next when u load the recording wizard what do u do ??for instance i make the image using blindread first then what is step 2??sorry im new and there has to be someone out there who was new at this also who had these problems till someone helped him or her out…thnkz…

we posted a little tutorial in the web site in 5 step … we will improve the integration to create .bwa

at this time, you need to create .bwa with the same name than the image extracted by blindread and put the file at the same location. Then Blindwrite will use it ( you can check the bwa and twin sec are generated from the report file )

I made a Successfull copy of UT2003 also by reading the “How To BWA” tutorial…works GREAT!! Thanx guys!!