New blindwrite .iso not compatible with daemon tools?

Hey, I’ve made images of master of orion 3 and unreal 2k3 with blindwrite 4.3 and 4.2.5 and neither will mount with daemon tools. Whats up? They burned fine, but daemon tools can’t mount them. Neither can the alcohol 120% virtual drive.

Any ideas?

If you have Alcohol 120%, why not try and create your images with that and try them with Alcohol’s virtual drive?

Even if you’d rather not do that on a regular basis, it will help rule out some possible problems in this case. :slight_smile:


Which file are you mounting?
You should mount the .BWT file.

I can mount images from acohol and clonecd, but not BW.
I tried mounting the bin (with daemon), it says invalidimage
Mounting the cue tells me something around that cue files must begin with a FILE statement
mounting the bwt does nothing except chug for a bit.

Create the image again. Use the standard Blindwrite BWT, BWI format when reading. You must then mount the BWT file.

Hehe, dont want to use the blindwrite format. I want to use .cue and .bin, more generically used.

on a different subject, I started using clone cd to make images, and blindwrite 4.2.5 to make twinpeak burns :slight_smile: