New Blindwrite / Blindread released

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Yesterday the guys from Blindwrite have released a new version of their program:

Blindread - Small internal changes, read engine more accurate.


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It will be better than CloneCD?
Especially with new Securom protections?
Who knows?
The battle Begins…

Has anybody test it on the new Securom Protection??? I am dying 2 know if they can overcome IT! ^u^

blindread new version failed to copy homeworld cataclysm still need a patch…sorry guys

Oh Well! Just have 2 wait 4 the new cloneCD to be released and I’m sure that they will have a solution! CLONECD RULES! ^u^

Is it just my connection or is the BWFULL.EXE file not found?? I tried with getright and with MSN Explorer and it couldn’t find the file. Did they take it down?

Just download it at the LasH site they go the full version online…

Unfortunately it does not work with TEAC CD-R55S, contrary to their claim.

Reanimator (or anyone else), can you tell me where to find the LasH site?

Here’s your link:

It should be there…

I tested it with my Traxdata 4120 Pro, Firmware 5.0R and with Cultures it work perfectly!
So at the moment it rules against CloneCD!
Lets see, whats their answer

I have this burner and I was a little disappointed at its performance ,the memorex 52x I had before the pioneer burned cd’s faster and seemed to perform better all around but it didnt burn dvd’s of course.I thought by paying a little extra for a pioneer might pay off but ill stick to memorex or plextor.It hasnt given me any real problems and ive had it about a year so id rate it a 7.