New BlindWrite 5 beta software now available to everyone!

I just posted the article New BlindWrite 5 beta software now available to everyone!.

H-EvA-K used our news submit to tell us
that VSO-Software has released their new BlindWrite 5 software to the general
public. Registered users could already download and try the beta…

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This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Finally someone accepts me for who I am instead of who I am not. I love everybody!

one step closer to the final version :g i recomend anyone that hasnt tried it yet to try it. it’s not only great, but its also foolproof (dummyproof) for those of you that arent hardcore computer users :wink:
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Which copyprotections can it copy without using the “AutoPlay”? (Autoplay can be disabled bij using the program Tweaker)

i think (but i’m not sure) it can copy most of the protections (of course not the ones almost noone can copy like starforce 3 etc…) without autoplay (if your hardware supports it), but why wouldnt you want to use autoplay?