New bill introduced in Congress, injects FBI into P2P battle

I just posted the article New bill introduced in Congress, injects FBI into P2P battle.

Just days after Sen. Hatch’s suggestions that copyright holders should be allowed to remotely destroy the PCs of music pirates, a new bill has been introduced in Congress, that will put…

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It’s Waco on the Internet…! Nice to know that tax payers get a say in how their taxes are spent, i.e. propping up the saggy arses of the rich. Perhaps they should give the money they spend on the FBI to the recordmovie industry…maybe they’ll shut up then…whichever way you slice it though it’s a waste of taxes! As a side note, has anyone noticed how they tried to kill off websites publishing Audio CD Covers? Some disappeared but others popped up with the same covers on…shame! The same will happen here…except in the P2P realm of course…

If this goes in effect there will be national and global anarchy. Remeber the movie Hackers yes its a lame movie, but I forsee all hackers will unite and show authorities total chaos, because of the non presense of an individual and its hard to prove that someone done the damge. :B A new war is going to brew out of this. If this passes.

It’s not the movie Hackers but rather Slackers. There are a few hackers that can cause some problems but not for long and once they start to shoot them or toss them in jail forever the others will shut up and do what they are told. We live in a would where the corporations are the government, the same world that let Microsoft take over the computer world (and make 40 billion in CASH) and now hackers are going to stand up to the man? That ship has sailed.

contrary to popular belief - microsoft earned the computer world. //back on topic i hope to god this doesnt pass. my day is hectic enough, usually, without seeing the FBI seal attached to a piece of mail. on the other hand…i could copyright junk (that people would want :o ) and then use the fbi seal to tell them how it is…

That’s right forget about anthrax, Osama and Saddam. Let’s put the pressure on where it’s needed. P2P Pirates!!! This will have the same effect as popping a zit on an elephants ass. This is his homepage. :slight_smile: This is who owns him… the top ten contributors primarily consist of media companies… America - who do you wanna buy today?

Yeah destroy my computer. lol ok. Unless they’re gonna come down here with a hammer it’s not gonna happen. Attacking my computer over the Internet. Oh god forbid. I HAVE MY STUFF BACKED UP. Delete it and watch how fast I reinstall it.

And another random thought. Even if they could totally destroy a computer remotely, which I don’t think they can. What if I?m at work downloading mp3s and my boss doesn?t know it. So his computer gets trashed and I’m in the clear. This is why we have innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, so the innocent people don’t hurt or thrown in jail. What if someone is downloading a huge amount of mp3s but is spoofing your IP address and the feds come to your door and you were just playing chess. Now you owe trillions of dollars in fines, and decades in prison simply because you lost the IP spoofing lottery?
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Thanks for that post FunkyMonk - it was VERY interesting to see how his sorry ass had been bought and why he was pushing it. The MOST blatent case of corruption I’ve ever seen in my life. FBI resources getting wasted on some music songs being shared while murders and rapists are now going to have that many less people chasing them as they get reassigned to chasing 15yr old’s downloading some music - oooh - such a threat to the worlds peace. America - the Land of the Free - LMAO - what a load of crap. America - the Land of the Corrupt - YES!!