New BETA-Firmware 1j04 for PX-716A from 18.1.2005!



Plextor Japan has updated the 1.04 Beta. Download:



thanks for the heads up, Zahni!!!

good news…at least they’re actually working on 1.04 :wink:

hrm, gonna see if i can find any changelog or further info before i flash my drives for a test run.


Thanks Zahni, nice first post :slight_smile:


hey OCF, wanna give the new FW a test run before i risk toasting my own drives? :wink: :iagree: :bigsmile:


My TLA#0202 ist still working :wink: I’am know making a few tests with Maxell 002 .



Zahni, what about results? :D:D:D:D I’m really ancious… :wink: :smiley:


Ok, Maxell 002 (8x) was not very good with FW 1.03 .

Here there 1th test at maximum speed (12x) (wait for 8x, looks better):


Now at 8x speed. Looks good for. Never see this before with FW 1.03 and this Maxell media.


Interesting results. The write speed transfer rate graph looks a lot smoother than anything I’ve seen before. Thanks Zahni!


yeah no probs at dvd read and tdk -r 8x@12x now work ok (with the Fe/Te test …) nice work


Here is the SUM1 test of the 8x burn:


The 8x result seems really nice although 12x isn’t good. Now, i’me really curious is with 16x. I’m betting that by the end of the day will have a lot more results and maybe some surprises.


YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R burned at 16x PR ON


YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R burned at 16x PR OFF


At last: Same Media at 6x:

TA Quality is Excellent in in middle and outer zone and Very God in inner zone.


Zevia, a fine burn at 16x but again with PR off. That spike at the end of the media is still concerning but nothing that goes beind the limits.
5:57 is not the best time but it’s not bad either…
I guess that i’ll have to drive to the store now… dammm i wanted to save money…


Looks like Plextor is really starting to improve the 16x write quality on the 716A. I just hope they don’t forget about us 712A owners (fw 1.06 anyone?). :frowning:


I think you are already forgotten. At plextor website it says that the model was discontinued so i supose that it means no more support also. :confused:

Well do what i do. By media that burns at lower speeds but at least they do burn… :eek:


TYG02 8x DVD-R burned @16x PR OFF


Well that’s a real GOOD burn. One of the bests that I’ve seen when it comes to quality (with this drive and at 16x).
I dont want to be bad but if plextor could, at the second half of the graph, make the burn speed increase at the same rate that it does on the first half of the graph then this would be excellent. Let’s face it, the drive only reches the 16x at the real end although it reaches 12x at the 2 GB mark and 14x at the 3.1GB mark.