New BENQ scans



Hi everyone,

I just got my new BENQ 1650 from newegg with BCFC firmware. I was wondering if these scans look normal (i dont think they do). The new drive is currently on IDE2 master with an 80pin cable.

wopc, sb on. 8x, genuine TY -R media.

sorry for the 2nd picture. this is the only way i could salvage the picture. the 2nd picture has PIE avg 25.69, max 71, total ~355,350. PIF avg 0.07, max 6, total 654. jitter avg 7.37%, max 9.9, PO failures 0.

Why are my PIE’s so high? I tried scanning with my BTC dvdrw, and I get around 600 PIF total, 100,000 PIE, and quality score of 95.

Is there something wrong with my burner?


These burns probably being one of the first one on your new drive, I have to say there is nothing exceptional about them.
Some drives can report high PIE levels but that’s nothing to worry about. As long as PIE’s are below 280 and PIF not over 16 (when scanned on BenQ) and with nice even jitter (like in your scans) you are okay.

Burn away a few more discs with SolidBurn enabled for “known media” and I can ensure you even PIE’s will drop.

You might also update your firmware to BCHC (link provided by zevia) and check out scans in this thread.
Happy burning with your new drive. :wink:


if the PIE values dn’t level off at a lower value after learning a few with SB known on then try with WOPC off. for some reason, I can’t get good burns unless I shut off WOPC for both my 1640 and 1655. your mileage will certainly vary, but playing with teh settings is the onyl way to find out your optimal settings!

your discs are certainly playable, and are good qualityburns by most standards.


Thanks for the prompt responses. Hopefully my drive will be a fast learner, because i have a hundred or so of these TY -R media =)

Another question: I have some Sony +R TY (MIJ, octagonal spacer) media. Will using a few of those after burning a few of my -R TY mess up the learning of the -R media?


No. Solidburn maintains a table of 6 different media so if you’ve only got 2 types then it’ll certainly keep the info for these.


I just burned a +R TY (sony) disc at 8x with wopc and SB on, and it was much better!

PIE: avg 3.38, max 12, total 31,823
PIF: avg 0.08, maximum 6, total 655.
jitter: avg 7.63%, max 8.5%, PO failures 0
very stable jitter (horizontal “line”)

quality score 97

is there a reason why my -R TYs are burning so badly? I’ve burned around 6 of the -R discs, and they are still the same. I’m pretty sure they are genuine as I purchased them from Meritline.


Try SB Off in one of those -R TY disc. I found the original writing strategy is good enough so I never use SB for TY and MCC.


Here is a -R TY burned at 8x with WOPC off. I don’t know what to think of it… the PIEs are all over the place. ugh

Someone please comment =)


WOPC off or SB (Solid Burn) off for known media?


WOPC is off as per a member’s suggestion. I’m currently scanning another disc with WOPC and SB off.


Hi :slight_smile:
You might want to try different f/w. BCFC worked really well for me using MCC 03RG20/MCC 004. However using TYG02 wasn’t nowhere near as good. Upgraded to BCHC. See here for the results.


Here is the +R with SB and wopc on. Second one is the -R with SB and WOPC off.


As you can see with SB off the PIE average dropped significantly from 50-70+ to 17.87. This is what I mean by (in my experience) the firmware’s writing strategy is good enough and most of the times is better then the SB learned strategies.

We can ignore the PIF spikes of 16, it’s probably a spec of dust or a problem in that particular disc. Good scan! (actually like pinto2 said, all of your scans are good and well within specs).


Why is my TY +R media so much better than the TY -R media? :a I have a lot of the -R media left. I’ve been scanning the -R with my BTC drive and also get the “bad” scans. I’m starting to think this burner really hates the -R media.

As Zebadee suggested, I tried different firmwares: BCHC and BCDC. A few BCHC burns gave me horrible results. BCDC results are not bad but not great either.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem with TYG02 media?


Hi :slight_smile:
See my earlier post #11 & click on here. Whilst you can play around + with use/time PIE will improve (PIF/Jitter etc will follow). Changing f/w may have a more dramatic & quicker response (as it did for me).
This may seem strange as you say you tried it. Try it again & if first burn doesn’t impress. Try reflashing same f/w, then try another burn.
Also check your PMs.