New BENQ owner... question

Just bought a new BENQ 1650 for ripping (for $30! :slight_smile: ) What do I do now? Do I need to update the firmware? I’ve never done that for a drive before. If so where can I get the most recent updates? This drive will be used for ripping only, no burning. I’m relatively inexperienced with drives so any help is appreciated.

The latest firmware is here:

It is very simple [which is why they distribute it so freely]. Unpack the archive. Run the executable. Click OK a few times. When it asks to reboot, let it reboot. Done!

Is it BenQ DW1650 burner or DV1650 DVD-ROM?

If it’s the DV1650 I don’t think there is any firmware update.

1650V -ROM firmware is available from BenQ as well:

I believe its the DVD ROM… is this inferior (for ripping) to the 1650 burner? I didn’t know at the time there were two different models. I read good things about the 1650/1655 and went ahead with the order :frowning:

The good things you read were about the burners. There aren’t many conversations about DVD-ROM drives.

1650V is an okay reader, a little slower than BenQ burners on double-layer media. If you read a lot of discs, it’s worth keeping. It reads single-layer discs at 16x (including video), double-layer video at 8x, double-layer data at 10x.

P.S. The latest firmware [TAOE] is here:

yeah well you can’t beat $29 (shipped) for a drive can you? Any recommendations for a solid read only drive? I’ve been looking at the Plextor 230a.

PX-230A is a CD burner made by BenQ.

If you want a good reader, get an LG GSA-H42N. It is a great burner, but it is also one of the fastest readers, and reads marginal CDs and DVDs very well too. $30 at