release soon? :smiley:
BENQ DW1800 and DW1805, write speed increase to 18x both DVD+R/-R , and 12x DVD-RAM.

source (chinese):


Wait a minute, Lliteon bought Benq so what is going on and if Benq still alive why are they stopping the sales of their former models?

I wonder if thus model will be sold in Europe or the USA.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
BenQ Unleashes 18x Burners

BenQ officialy released today its latest DVD burners, supporting 18x writing for DVD recordables, 12x DVD-RAM and Lightscribe.

The company unvealed the DW1800 and the DW1805 DVD burners. Both drives are expected to be available in the Asian market. Both drives offer similar features and specifications, except from the Lightscribe feature supported by the DW1805.

Both incorporate the SolidBurn technology which applies a self-learning algorithm in examining optical media prior to burning. It automatically determines the best writing strategy for each disc to ensure maximum playability and lifespan.

BenQ’s exclusive QSuite application suite is bundled with the drives, and offers users the chance to adjust drive settings to gain even greater control.

The drives’ capabilities inlude 18x burning for both DVD+R /-R, DVD Re-writing speed of 8x (DVD+RW) and 6x (DVD-RW), DVD DL writing speed of 8x for both DVD+R/-R DL and 12x for DVD-RAM.

BenQ ODD used to maintain full range of product portfolio in global market. For Europe, starting from September 2006, the company will limit the supply of conventional ODD models including DVDRW and will focus more on the BD (Blu-Ray). However, the company will continue to We’ll keep supplying full range of products in the rest of markets.

Although BenQ Europe has not planned any new shipment of existing models - their last shipment to distributors has been disptached - customers will still be able to get their BenQ ODD drive from stores in the upcoming few weeks.

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I thought Lite-On would have just transitioned everything over to one brand and one set of hardware.

But hey, I’m just a user. I don’t understand this whole “Big Business” thing. :slight_smile:

its not baffling! its a rebadged BENQ drive! i.e. someone else made the drive and BENQ put
their logo on it! since when did BENQ make any drive of their own that had DVD-RAM support?

lite-on also said as much, that BENQ brand [yep just the name!] was quite valuable so
they will continue to rebadge drives made by lite-on with BENQ logo/name and sell them!

LiteOn don`t have Solid Burn, but Benq Yes :iagree:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Liteon’s SmartBurn about the same as BenQ’s SolidBurn?

Looks like a BenQ design,
I’m going by the SolidBurn and the chasis top.

I want one[B]![/B] :iagree:

I was going to get the LG GSA-H22N when it was available but I guess I will wait
and see if this drive shows up in the US.

Except for the seek times, the specs on this drive look just like the new Sony DRU-830A, which means this drive is probably a BENQ (would Sony rebadge a BENQ that was already a rebadged Lite-On?).

If they ever have a drive that is compairable to the BENQ 1640-1650 with 18x i would be all over it

so will it be released in the states?

lmao, and how did you come to that conclusion? why would sony need to rebadge a benq,
if the benq itself is a rebranded lite-on, instead of just rebranding the lite-on drive? has sony
never rebranded lite-on drives before? and those that equate a particular drive/burner having
solid burn to being a benq, should know that lite-on owns the tech now. they bought benq
recently, remember?

You are wrong. :flower: (Well, you asked!)

LiteOn’s HyperTuning is more or less equivalent to SolidBurn.
It seems that they have renamed this “SmartWrite” in their new 18x burners, however.

why does this thing look like a 1670…?


Anyone has any idea what chipset it’s using?

If both drive support Solidburn feature, is it true that 1800 and 1805 using the Nexperia chipset?

Does it support quality scanning?
I dont think so…

I dont think it has scanning capability since it has DVD-RAM support, Philip chip does not support DVD-RAM. Unless they use the same Lite-on chipset or samsung/toshiba chipset then it has the scanning ability. I think it might be a rebadge since BenQ announced ceasing production for optical drives. But I am hoping it is not, but it is not going to be the traditional benQ since it is not Philip chipset. Hoping it is not gonna be like BenQ 1670 or DQ60.

Samsung/Toshiba has own chipsets? I always thought, that they use Mediatek* (like Liteon) and Panasonic chipsets :confused:

*) Samsung/Toshiba drives with Mediatek chipsets also work with Kprobe.