New BenQ DW1670 firmware 1.03 released: support and discussion thread

New firmware for DW1670


Release Reason: Update the writing strategy

Thanks! Time to test…

Thanks, at least you can download this one. New firmware for the 1650 and 1655 are avalible but as of yet you can’t download it. They just redirect you to a login page.

Release Reason: Update the writing strategy

Version 1.03

Bad news for this drive since its firmware released on the same day as BenQ 1650/1655, no1 says anything at all and thus I have to start this thread, I know some1 out there have this drive. I have one and I will post some scannings as soon as I have enough movies. I burnt most of the movies on my BenQ 1655 under its new firmware, but dont worry, I will save some for the 1670

You must have missed the original thread (then again, it was pretty short, so it was easy to miss).

I care! Mine isn’t installed at the moment, but if I see some good scans I may start using it again.

has the BenQ DW1670 been released in the usa yet?

Check out Fry’s Electronic, they have Hival Internal, More Likely you will find BenQ 1670, and if you are lucky, you will find the BenQ 1640, but I say finding BenQ 1640 is 5% chance, 95% of the time you will get the BenQ 1640. Under I/O Magic Brand, you might be able to find the BenQ 1670 also if you are looking for the BenQ 1670. And if the Drive is that important to you and you dont mind paying extra, then get Sony 820A, which is a rebadge of BenQ 1670

I could not burn a CD-DVD Speed test disc using Dvsn-80.
Is there any serious bug in the new firmware?

Looking at your other scan here, it might be the case it’s a bad media.

Does this apply to my Sony 820A?

this new firmware doesn’t make any noise in this forum like its brothers 1650/1655. I flashed my drive, but the quality is still horrible so it is back to the shelf again.

Just gotten a BenQ DW1670 (boxed version) @ US$25.50. Did some burning with Verbatim 16x TY media. Much better than what i expected.

this prolly will be the last fw for this drive. And yes, this drive only burn good on verbatim and TY only. Especially the DL Verbatim. Other than that, it has narrow range of media support. Other media type will just have to suffer horrible burns

I have 2 of these drives and while it pales in comparison to a REAL Benq (1620/40/50/55), it does ok with most media I’ve tried with it. It burns with jitter a little high with some media, but I can confirm that it does a solid job with at least the following from looking at all of my scans I’ve saved of its burns, some of which are far from premium quality media -

UME01, both real & generic fake MCC02RG20, AML002, CMC E01, RICOHJPN R03, RICOHJPN R02, RICOHJPN R01, CMC AE1, Optodisc OR8, both fake and real MCC004, CMC AM3, Playo DL fake RICOHJPN D00, fake MCC03RG20, CMC R01, DL CMC D01, SKC, pretty good CD burner as well from what I’ve tried on it. CMC M01 it butchers the jitter while the same discs burn fine in my other burners.

I’m probably as critical of this drive as anyone, but it’s actually a solid burner. It’s just far from a ‘real’ Benq. None of the advanced features, no 12x support unless hacking the firmware, has problems ripping discs properly - either rips slowly or rips quickly but slows down and stops at different spots on discs, etc, burns some media with jitter fairly high, etc.

Mine seemed to work better as a Sony! see below:

Do you have scans as a 1670 for comparison? :confused:

These were 16X burns w/ BenQ1670 (103 fw):

The MCC004 scan looks a little better, the TYG03 scan is at a different scan speed so it’s not a fair comparison. The few comparisons I did between 1.03 and Sony’s 1.0C and didn’t see any notable changes, but my comparing was very limited. You’re using 1.0C I assume? 1.03 supports a few more media codes and also a couple media codes faster from a MCSE comparison. Something worth considering, but more comparisons should be done before concluding which is better. I’d be suprised if most media codes aren’t using the exact same write strategies between 1.03 and 1.0C.

I concur – not much of a difference b/w the two f/w’s. :slight_smile: