New Benq DW1655 not working

I just received a new DW1655 and after hooking it up, whenever I insert a disc, regardless of type, it sounds like it starts to spin up, then makes a clicking type sound, then spins, then clicks, repeat a few times, then nothing. Windows and any other software I use do not even recognize a CD or DVD as being in the drive, although the drive itself is recognized. Any suggestions?


That’s what I figured but I was hoping maybe I missed something obvious. So it is pretty much without a doubt a bad drive?

Before RMA, if you have nVidia IDE driver installed, uninstall it and use M$'s own. If you have another computer, try in there also.

As one of the previous posters said, unfortunately it sounds like theres nothing you can do but RMA it.

EDIT: Above poster reminded me I had similar problems with my nvidia IDE Driver so do as he suggested first.

My DW1655 is literally on the UPS truck with a scheduled delivery of today. Now you’ve gone and scared me :frowning: