New BenQ DW1655 firmware BCIB released: support and discussion thread

1650 BCIC


1655 BCIB

The firmwares are listed but files not uploaded yet. Expect them soon…
Hope this one fixes everything! :stuck_out_tongue:



Direct download DW1655 BCIB (released on 1 September 2006).
Release Reason:

  1. Updated the writing strategy

For BenQ 1650 users, please use this thread:
New BenQ DW1650 firmware BCIC released: support and discussion thread

what’s this web login crap?

The firmwares are listed but files not uploaded yet. Expect them soon…


You only see the with IE, not with Firefox (FF doesn’t to anything yet…)

Password crap, how do I set a user name and password?

And, even with that, will the files be there?
In the year and a half I’ve owned BenQ drives
I don’t remember running into this - i.e.
the site showing new fw but no files to download. :confused:

Don’t you just hate a firmware tease?

I think we all love to flash new f/W versions , see how they improved and if our most annoying bugs are fixed.
We are freaks! :cool:

Because it’s freak’n fun don’t you know.


too bad they didnt put the file up yet

who knows maybe they did, these could be done by lite-on, maybe it took them a while to learn how to write firmwares for new chip

Still waiting patiently.

I’m waiting too. But NOT patiently! :disagree:

Anyone mailed them to tell them their link is broken? The download page lists the release date as 25th August - that’s quite a long time not to have got the file up to the server.

Edit: I just logged a trouble ticket with Benq on their broken link, so maybe that will prod them into action.

Whohooooooooo!!! New firmwareeeeeeeee!!!

:iagree: :bigsmile:

I hope so, but I won’t be holding my breath. :bigsmile:

Is this a hoax? We will all be checking back here far too often because we can’t wait to see so improvements in our DW1650’s or DW1655’s.

Its no hoax, they just are putting it on their servers now. You will have it in a few hours. Patience please.:doh:

Thanks alan1476 :clap:

it takes few hours to upload 1mb?