New BenQ DW1655 Firmware BCDB

Offical Link:
[Thanks to 2601]

Alternative link:
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Release Reason

  1. Improved the writing quality by updated writing strategy.
  2. Improved LightScribe printing quality.
  3. Fixed QScan hang issue.

This firmware will kill a 1620/1640 drive. Do not attempt a crossflash to these drives. (see this thread)

just x-flash my GCAB to this new firmware, every thing seems to be working fine.

YUDEN000T02 (Sony 8x DVD+R)
BenQ DW1655 BCDB @12x
SolidBurn On
Overspeed On

Excellent burn quality.

Thanks zevia for this update. :slight_smile:

Just a warning to all members with BenQ DW1640, this firmware will kill your drive if flashed (on a 1640 using BQFlasher).
Compu won’t even boot into DOS. :doh:

TDB’s BENQCVT (doze) flasher reports “Drive missing or not responding”…

Just flashed my GCAB fw 1655 to BCDB using bqflasher 0.7.2 so far so good testing now.

Think I’ll let others test this one…lol…I have a ‘retail’ drive…and it burns rather well… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If it aint broke…dont fix it! :wink:

29th December - last modified??..hmm :eek:

BenQ 1655 GCAB crossed to BCDB

SB on OS on WOPC on

ritek R03 8x test nero speed 4.11 create data disc
mcc003 8x data burn nero 7

Can you post the “Disc Info” tab for YUDEN T02 ? Thanks.

hey zevia does this fix the verbatim speed problem? i have the retail 1655

Still says 2.4x in Nero and DVD Identifier.

Crossflashed from GCAB (I/O Magic rebadge). Doesn’t appear to be any problems. All tabs in QSuite are now available and can finally scan using CD-DVD Speed at a reasonable speed.

remember you do not need overspeed if the Firmware has the 12x write strategies for T02’s which BCDB does…to get 16x i beleive you will need overspeed on.

I have my BenQ 1655 (I/O magic rebadge) in an external enclosure and use firewire to burn DVDs. Is it still recommended to do the firmware flash with BQFlasher over a USB connection? Has anyone tried flashing over Firewire and got it to work?

Thanks …

Btw.Thanks for the Heads up guys !!

@Zevia: I just flashed to BCDB and I am using Yuden000-T02-000 from Rima and they only burn at rated 8x speed with WOPC off SB OFF aand OS OFF> I will post a DVD Indentifer screenshot.

Here is one from DVD Inspector

alan1476, I guess Nero CD-DVD Speed didn’t reset the settings correctly last night. Thanks for pointing that out. Post edited to avoid confusion.

I thought I got a bad flash or something because I know my Yudens are not fakes, I got them about 1 year ago in bulk from Rima Batch 1133. I thought for sure if you said that they burned at 12X I was doing something wrong.

It was a mistake, Jamos. I disabled Overspeed within Nero CD-DVD Speed while the YUDEN000T02 media is in the drive and hit F9 to create data disc. It seems that we need to set Overspeed or SolidBurn in Nero CD-DVD Speed before we insert the disc.

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly sorry pinto2 hope drive is recoverable. However been busy playing around, I don’t know if it’s the chipset that causes problems. But it’s easy to crossflash a 1640, but once done communication appears to cease. So as pinto2 suggests don’t do it. For those who are thinking about crossflashing 1650 with BCDB, until there’s f/w available to return to a 1650 this is not wise. I’ve not seen the drive yet, but somoone I know has tried it & now claims the drive is dead. It will be with me over the w/e, I’ll keep you informed.
SB/OS enable/disable, just confirmation drive must be empty whether using CD/DVDSpeed or QSuite.