New Benq DW1650 Firmware BCDC available

Benq DW1650 BCDC

  1. Improved the writing quality by updated writing strategy.
  2. Fixed QScan hang issue

Thanks idolclub.

It looks like three of our members found these firmwares in almost the same time. Based on the time stamps, here’s the sequence: 2601, idolclub and zebadee. I will keep this thread open for the DW1650 BCDC firmware discussion thread.

First burn with my new 1650 and new firmware BCDC :stuck_out_tongue:
Media YUDEN000T03 Burning speed 16x

Very nice rapid fire. :clap:
The drive with this new firmware looks promising.

Where is pinto2 :cool: :smiley:

That burn looks more like I expected from YUDEN000 T03. Looks good.:iagree:

Thank you, guys! :flower:
Agree with that, something is gonna changed with the 50/55 series, especially with this media. So on the first look i’m impressed with this drive and firmware. :wink:

off topic

Here… :smiley:
Can’t flush this firmware on my 1640 right now though… heh he. :bigsmile:

Same options like before.
Media 1st Plextor branded YUDEN000T02 burning speed 12x, which is not one of my best batches, but the result is ok, lookin back at my burns with the 1640 at 8x burning is this one good.
2nd Fuji branded YUDEN000T02 burning speed 8x

It looks as though the 1650 firmware works on the 1655, ( according to DVD Predator ) just posted. I wonder if the Lightscribe still works.

Mmmm… I get the impressing he is burning less perfect with this nieuw firmware… But could’t be the bad media I got…

What for media you’re usin?

Ritek R03 and CMC MAG AE1… both crap but burn better before my flash. Can’t check because I can’t find the old firmware and forgot the backup (stupid I now).

I waiting for my Verbatim MCC 004 disks in the hope of a better result.

Some Ritek r03 with BCAC and then BCDC…certainly an improvement with the latter


Does anyone have the old firmware? Since “Upgrading” my burner mostly stops on writing leadout, and I can’t eject the disc. This is with TYG03 blanks.



BCDC (sounds like a “backup group” to ACDC, doesn’t it??? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ) and the 1650 seems to do better with lower jitter with yuden000t03 at 16x than I’ve seen on the 1655–if more scans like this back that up, of course.

Absolutely :smiley: