New Benq DW1640 not reading any CDs

I just bought a Benq DW1640 DVD burner, when I insert a CD; it reads the Table of Contents but goes into error reading the tracks. I tried several cds with the same results. I was able to format a CDRW disc. I am using Windows Media Player for playback. Region code is set on zero (the way I received it). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Jimmy.

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly what f/w are you using. Get the latest BSLB here
Format a cdrw then record to it, see if that works. What is the media?
Do you have/have you tried any DVD’s, read or write.

I did update the firmware to BSLB. I did format a CDRW and added files to it. So that part of the DVD drive works. The Music CDs I tried were all bought Not made, so the media shouldn’t be a problem here.

I did try 2 Store bought DVDs, they didn’t work either.