New BenQ DW1640 has strange firmware



I am a first time poster who has searched the board high and low and could not find any reference to these two questions. After much reading, I decided to add a DW1640 to my burner collection. From a previous thread, I saw that CompUSA’s store brand dual layer burner is a BenQ DW1640 so I bought one and sure enough, when I got it out of the box it was indeed the real McCoy of a vanishing species. I installed it as the slave on the second IDE channel which has a Lite-On SHM-165H6S as the master. I decided to take it for a spin around the block and did a test burn of a single layer Verbatim DVD at 16X. Yes, I have read that the DW1640 burns best at 12X but I just wanted to let it rip. It completed in about 5 and one-half minutes and the disk was scanned in Nero CD-DVD Speed using the Lite-On to compare it against previous burns that I had made. Scan quality was a little worse than the Lite-On burns but still a reasonably good burn. All in all, not bad for the first piece of work and nothing tweaked.

My first question: When I tried to scan in Nero CD-DVD using the BenQ, it never got above 0.5X on the read speed. Does anyone know what is happening with this?

The second question: Nero InfoTool returns the firmware as GSLB. I could not find a reference to this firmware on the forum and it certainly does not match any of the firmware on BenQ’s support site for the 1640. Does anyone know what this is?


GSLB is OEM firmware for the 1640. Crossflash the drive to the official “B” series firmware. You can do this by using BQFLASHER or WINDWFLASH. Look for zevia or zebedee’s signature to download the flasher programs. WINDWFLASH you’ll need to use the CVT FILES the BQFLASHER you can use the exe firmwares.


use IE to view that website above. the CVT FILES are there for the 1640 if you chose to use the WINDWFLASH program. Flash your drive in safemode and make sure there is no disc in the drive.


DVD ADDICT - Thanks for the response. Will I be able to return to the original OEM firmware configuration if I mess up the crossflash or is this a “succeed or die” operation?

FWIW, the slow reading problem is limited to Nero CD-DVD Speed. I test ripped a pressed dual layer DVD using DVD Decrypter in slightly less that 10 minutes which is significantly faster than my Lite-On.


Yep, the G series can’t scan at useful speeds, this is one of the ways it’s crippled compared to the B series. You’ll be able to crossflash back to G series if you need to return the drive and you think CompUSA will actually check such a thing. Otherwise, grab BQFlasher, grab the BSPB firmware from BenQ’s site, point BQFlasher to the BSPB.exe, and flash away.


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Just a post to confirm the above. Take a look here. If you haven’t already download QSrite + manual too.
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Thanks tehGrue and zebadee (and once again, DVD ADDICT). The mysteries are all cleared up. Actually, from reading this forum, I had already downloaded BSBP, BQFlasher and QSuite 2.1 using all the conveniently provided links here. This forum and its users are a wonderful resource. While I did not know for sure, I was hoping that flashing to the new firmware would cure the slow scanning so I got the latest firmware and the flasher and was getting ready to go when I checked the firmware of the drive. Since it was strange looking, I performed an unsuccessful search for a description of it and I decided that I had better consult the Gods :bow: before I launched off into serious territory without fully knowing what I was doing.


Thanks to all! I am up an running! I noticed that a new firmware (BSQB) had just been released so following the link and instructions from zebadee for using Quikee’s BQFlasher, I crossflashed from the OEM firmware to the lastest BenQ official firmware. The instructions were crystal clear and the whole process took less than 5 minutes, most of which was reboot time. I then test burned a dual layer +R disk with a movie with which I had previously had a very difficult time obtaining a quality burn with both a Lite-ON and NEC burners. Hands down, it was the best dual layer dvd that I have ever burned. PIE max 12/total 98k, PIF max 1/total 282. I now see why so many people think the DW1640 may be at the top of the short list of the best burners ever made.

Do I understand correctly, now that the drive is loaded with the Bxxx firmware, for future firmare upgrades, I simply have to run the Bxxx.exe excutable file?

Also, what is the convential wisdom for using Solid Burn with supported media? The default is not-activated. Should I be using Solid Burn anyway?


Yes just run the exe, this also allows you to flash to earlier firmware, like a number of them in that thread have gone back to earlier vesions as they don’t like BSQB.

Yes and yes activate it for known media. If you stick with alimited number of media (VErbatim and Tys) you should never fill up the 6 spaces.