New Benq Dw1640 Gshb Firmware?

has any one tried this new firmware? :confused: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! :slight_smile:

Not that many I suppose. :slight_smile:
Any reason why we should? In general generic firmwares are aged (GSHB dated may '05) and not well calibrated for newer media.

Merry Christmas to you to. :wink:

Edit, adding link to this firmware if anyone interested, linky.

well, i guess that was a dumb question LOL! i never even paid any attention to the date sorry! Iā€™M running the BSRB at the time on a crossflashed PLEXTOR 740 A. I had BSLB on for awhile but, I burn cd-rs on it sometimes and the older Marantz CD 67SE is a little finicky when I used the BSLB Firmware but, seems to play the cd-R Format much better with the BSRB . Thanks for the Info on the GSHB Firmware! :slight_smile: