New Benq DW1620A firmware (B7P9) and tool

Beta versions of the B7P9 firmware are already out to testers as is the new TE FE tool

The firmware supports all the new features of the forthcoming DW1620A Pro drive including DL @ 4X
The new tool can grade a media and suggest a max burn speed before you actually burn a disc.

This firmware and tool could be released as early as this week. :slight_smile:


I can’t waite. Ooooohhhh…I love my Benq-1620. :iagree: Uhh sorry…Benq-1620 PRO!!! :bow:

good news~!~~!

good news, as a recently owner of a 1620 benq i dont regret in any way my purchase! a great drive this benq…


Hi, does anyone know when the retail version of the 1620pro will go on sale? Will it have the same firmware as the B7P9?

as far as I know the 1620 pro has the same hardware as the 1620. Plus why bother with the DL speed feature when they are so expensive and also the Blu ray and HDdvd is just arround the corner

also waiting eagerly for this tool…heard what it can do…

Excellent news. Thanks Dee for the heads up

Sounds like a great tool.

How’s it working DEE-27? :wink:

Seems like Benq is doing it right the first time. I can’t think of any other companies that would freely give away upgrades to the existing hardware.

Glad I bought me one.

I think it is very smart of them. Can’t think of a better way to build customer loyalty and generate sales.
This is why I’m not an NEC customer, they couldn’t care less if I buy their drive or not.

Hehehe…eagerly awaiting this firmware release.

It will be interesting to see how accurate this is.

Thanks for the note Dee-27

Yes should be interesting, Can’t wait to pop a BenQ 8x DVD+R in there and see what burn speed it advises.


Thanks for the info. It will be interesting to see how accurate the new TE FE tool is as someone has already commented. I also look forward to the new B7P9 firmware and the ability to have DL burning @4X. But, does firmware revision B7P9 update anything else besides giving one DL@4X? In other words, do you know if it includes more blank media compatability for the DW1620, or does it allow more media types to be burned at higher speeds? Thanks again for the great news DEE-27.

Saw a presentation of the upcoming integrated utility and it was even more enticing than the anticipated B7P9 firmware, offering tools beyond anything offered by any other company presently.

where did u see it?

Any news on 8x rewritable support?