New BenQ DW1620 thread. Continued from the Bargain Room :) High PI/PIF/PO Errors



Zenia suggested I take this over to the BenQ forum from the “Bargain Basement” forum. I ordered a new BenQ DW1620 Pro from Newegg a few days ago. The burns I have done have extreamly high PI/PIF/PO type errors on TY 8X DVD+R media. The 1st one I did not save the grahics, but was burned at 12X:

PI errors
Maximum: 1698
Average: 166.10
Total: 2547593
PI failures
Maximum: 93
Average: 5.14
Total: 62241
PO failures: 47

I have done a few more, these were not “as” bad, but still bad. I will post a CD SPEED graph of one of the “better” ones shortly.



dtog, a PO Failure of 47 means no good. Also PIE/PIFs are above limits.

  • what firmware for the above burn @12x?
  • what TY brand (OEM, Fuji etc)?
  • your comp system spesification?


Firmware: B7V9
TY Brand: Fuji 8X DVD+R
Comp: P4 3.4 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 2 x 300 GB, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro


Here is a CD SPEED Quality Test from one of the better burns. This was the Create Data Disk and then run the Quality Test. This was burned at 16X. (Seems you get better results at 16X?)


That is just nasty! I thought I had a problem with mine but your drive is worse than a dead drive. Before I would send it to BenQ for replacement, I would check and see if WOPC got turned off when you updated the firmware. I would also try the B7T9 firmware just for comparison. Then bite the bullet as we all did and RMA.


How many burns you’ve tried?


WOPC was ON. If I turn it OFF, I get over 1,600 Maximum “PI Errors”.
I am gonna test an 8X Sony D1 DVD-R @ 8X next and see if the pattern continues. BTW: the firmware on it right now is not hacked in any way, as well. 100% factory-fresh firmware.


About 4 data DVD’s and two “Create Data DVD” from CD Speed. Soon to be three. (Burning a high-end Sony 8X DVD-R now. Also, I burned a 4X DVD+RW with “ok” results, but at least it was within the DVD standard. But, no where near as clean as my Pioneer 109. D’oh. This was supposed to be a nice upgrade.


If your computer is overclocked try returning it to stock frequency. I’ve had a problem like that.


Everything is a stock speed right now. Thing that seems odd, is, the Pioneer 108 that was in there just before the BenQ never had any issues at all. In fact, went back and tested a few DVD’s made with in in the BenQ and found out how good the 108 is. The 109 also produces amazing results when its disks were tested in the BenQ. I just wish the BenQ would burn as well, as I love the extra features. (PI/PIF/PO testing, Bit-Setting, many more over-burn settings, etc.).


Is it from the same 100pack spindle Fuji TY?

BenQ burns TY (and in general +R) better compares to Sony08D1. I would not be surprise if the Sony scan is less than expected, at least in my drive @16x.


Yes, same cake box. (but these are very recent, and burn flawlessly in my Pioneers). But I will try one from the cake box I just bought at Best Buy today, as a test.

Here is the SONY08D1 Scan. BenQ only allows 8X burn on these:


That’s not bad at all… My drive burns SONY08D1 with 700K total PIEs @16x (see my sig, B7U9 scans).

I would like to see another TY burn @16x just to see if you have a bad batch of TY or really a bad drive that can’t perform well @16x. Pick one more TY from the MIDDLE of the spindle and try once more, please.

hmm… probably was a bad flash. B7V9 supports Sony08D1 up to 16x.


I am burning a new TY 8X DVD+R right now. But CD SPEED selected 12X this time? Probably what happen to the Sony. Being I never really had a reason to use this test before, I might have missed where the “set to max burn speed” or the like switch is.


Here is the new TY from a new cake box, recorded at 12X:


It’s definitely the media. That scan is well within DVD spec, esp. for the PIF section.

@zevia: that was a great suggestion; you just (hopefully) saved an RMA.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, and indeed, you can’t judge a burner by only a few discs.

  • Jie


All of Zevia’s scan are MUCH better still, and at 16X. PI Error Max of only 11? Mine is at 138, and that was the best burn yet. Anyway to get it as good as Zevia’s scans?


haha dtog, you can’t! :slight_smile: just kidding.

Really, I’ve burned (wasted) over 300 disks back from firmware B7-something-9 last year… and those are the best scans using the best media. :slight_smile: Note that for daily use I burn on Fuji TY, but for show off scan I use Sony or TDK TYs. I don’t know why but lately my 4 months old stock Fuji TYs are bad boys.


OK, this drive is still not looking good to me… Ritek R03 at 12X:


I found That Changing the writestrat for the Yudent02 to yuden t03 produced amazing results in quality u may wanna try that :wink: