New Benq DW1610 firmware B8T9

The new B8T9 is now available from Benq

Firmware (B8T9)
Release Date:

Release Reasons:

  1. Modify the writing strategy for both DVD+R & DVD-R media.
  2. Support CCCD media playback.

By the way. What is CCCD media about?

Thanks for the heads up dude:)

So I wonder why they suddenly changed the firmware ID number, it’s been B7 for as long as I’ve owned my drive, and they still have plenty of letters left in the alphabet. Anyone have any ideas? Did they get bored of the number 7?

That f/w is for a BenQ 1610 not a BenQ 1620 :wink:

Yeah, I also want to know what is CCCD media?

Maybe Copy Control CD =)
Dang Quikee beat me to it :wink:

Thx a lot

Good thing you said something… I would’ve tried to get it… haha.

Hrrrmm, I guess I have to learn how to read…

Or at least learn how to pay attention.

Thank you

Quickee2 and rolling56,

Thanks for telling me that CCCD means copy controlled CD. Also, rolling 56, thanks for the link to the article that talked about it.

great stuff

welcome to 2008 buddy

[QUOTE=schweino;2076164]welcome to 2008 buddy[/QUOTE]
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