New Benq DVD Writer

Was wondering if anyone knew if theres any new upcoming Benq drivers likely to hit the market soon?
Just debating which one to buy and at the moment i’m think of waiting for the NEC 3450A but was thinking the 1620Pro is quite nice but then again it wont be able to do DVD-R DL and i don’t want to have to buy another one in a few months time . . .

The Benq DW 1640 Should Be Out In Less Than A Month.

The Nec ND-4550A Super Multi Drive Should Be Out In Just Over 6 Months.

NEC ND 3540 will also be “out in less then a month”. This drive will support -R DL (4x)… :wink:

More NEC planed release info here.

who the hell needs 4x -R DL ?

Has even someone seen already the DVD-R DL somewhere ?

Sounds like some Fairy Tale to me here they got DVD+R DL but -R DL are nowhere to see.

Are there even tests from “beta” -R DL available ?

Here posted a few weeks ago… :wink:

well DL+R or DL-R…its not a die die need to have as the prices are crazy…i am still happy with SL +R disc…not to bothered/excited about the coming DL-R unless the price is USD 1 …lol…