New BenQ drives conflict with IDE driver

Does anyone know if the new 1640 or 1655 drives still have a problem with non- MS IDE (nVidia) driver? I just built a system using raid 0 and am using Non MS IDE driver so dont want to have to update fw right off the bat.

well from what I have read in forums on cdf the answer is yes, everyone seem to say only use ms windows default drivers that come with windows.

I have both drives and an using windows xp ide driver, my system is intel i845 chipset.

One of my computers I have a ASUS A7N8X Socket 462 mobo which uses Nvidia drivers. The only problem I have is if I want to use QSCAN in QSUITE it will freeze up the pc. I don’t use QSCAN so it’s no big deal. Other than that I have no problems burning with the BENQ 1640.

Thanks Addict and KenW. Had to take out my 1620 and put it in another non-raid machine- I didnt know how to flash the fw but I hope to learn a simple method for a noob.

i have to disagree. i have a K8N Neo4 Platinum (7125). i was using the older nforce drivers for both my sata and pata drives. i have 6 ide burners, and never had a problem. now the latest nforce drivers use nvidia for my sata and standard microsoft drivers for pata ide drives. anyway, i have used both nvidia and ms for my pata drivers and have noticed no difference in performance or quality of burns. btw, i have 2 1640’s and 2 1655’s, on onboard ide channels.

here’s what the latest nforce4 6.70 drivers look like on install. i checked install ide drivers from package setup.

Weird :confused:

This Cristmas, i mount a PC to my father, with my old AMD2100 AIUHB, 256x2MB RAM CH-5, and new stupid Motherboard from Gigabyte N-Force 2.

Since i have 2 Burners, i install the Benq 1640 play a litle :bigsmile: . The DMA was ok. The records were also ok.

But the weird stuff beggins when i try to use Nero CD/DVD to make quality tests:

The jitter graphic was completly cray, with up, donws, flats lines. After the first ±40MB os testing, it freezes from 20/40 seconds…
Try different IDE cables, Nvidia drivers, and nothing!

I use it on my PC, with a Abit NFS 2.0 board, also NFORCE 2 and i have problems. :bigsmile:

Gigabyte board is a chit stuff, i now, but even so, until now i didn`t get it :frowning:


cmisenko, thanks for the response. since I already installed all 6.70 nVidia IDE drivers I would have to update or roll back nVidia driver correct? I am happy to hear that you can run both drivers simulataneously without problems. Thanks again for the feedback!

i would check device manager. what drivers are assigned to your pata ports ?? when i insatlled the 6.70 (and selected use nvidia ide) it only updated the sata ports. my pata r still microsoft. i wouldn’t do anything at this point except to try some burns. as i said, i was pretty sure that the old nforce drivers installed nvidia ide on both my pata and sata (but then again being this old my memory is crap), but either way i never detected a difference in my burns. many experts here believe the nvidia drivers cause alot of problems. i am far from an expert, but i feel a little better seeing the ms drivers on my pata ports. and nvidia may have realized this too since they aren’t loading pata drivers.