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holy cow crap
i got the 1620 today, went quite a bit out of the way to find the only retailer in the nyc area (area defined very liberally) that sold this… micro center, on freakin long island… one long cold rainy waiting forever for the train to come story later… i love it! i bought it because i wanted a good +r writer that did good quality scans, since i’m archiving my music and movie collections and want to make sure the files have a chance to last until blu-ray or whatever they come up with becomes available and then affordable… if you read the other forums, i started out with a liteon 1633s that gave me nothing but headaches… it turned out to be a good writer, which will be tested once and for all on the benq, but did such horrible scans i thought it didn’t write well. then i got a toshiba sd-r5372 which is freakin fast but picky with media which is fine, i’ll get the good stuff, but i could never test the scans (because it doesn’t support scanning) and the drive was very quirky and i didn’t always trust it. so, that brings me back to today and 1 hour worth of 16x burns later…
holy cow crap!
nice drive :slight_smile:
my question (if only to justify what would otherwise seem like wasting a thread on mindless devotion and/or hero worship) is that my ram usage by nero is quirky with all my drives. sometimes it’ll stay steady, or fluctuate between maybe 94 and 98%. then it starts going down to 88, then 84, then usually flips between the low and the high until it’s done. sometimes the buffer bar shrinks and has to fill back up. weird. the drive is the secondary ide master, reading files from the primary master & slave and secondary slave. the bios detects the benq as udma 2. the other drives were udma 4 and/or 5 (can’t remember)… any ideas? most of my 16x burns on 8x media have taken around 6:30… thought it should be a tad faster…



If you have frequent buffer fluctuations below 80% you could try to improve

  • by not using a source from the same IDE
  • defragmenting your drive
  • kill all processes in the background (anti-virus…)
  • check whether the associated drive on IDE 2 does not slow the couple down

Check whether you get a burst rate of 24-27 Mb/s in CD Speed Tranfer rete test.

Happy burning.

and also getting more HDD :smiley:

I found a great improvement by defragmenting immediately before burning. Ripping a Dvd really messes up your hard drive. Just do an analysis before you burn and you’ll see what I mean.

thanks for the suggestions. i don’t always burn files from the secondary ide or i’d think that was the issue. i’ll try defragging, though i don’t rip dvds, only audio once in a while. plus my os is a fairly fresh (week-old) reinstallation after moving all my noisy p4 hardware from the oven (aria) to a tower.

doing just the ‘burst rate’ test listed in the cd/dvd speed drop down gives me 23mb…

i wanted a bunch of maxtor 16mb cache 300g sata drives, but i went to compusa and got 2 when they were the same price as at newegg and got home, popped them in and started transferring from my 3 beasts (wd caviar 40g, 40g and 60g) and i went to sleep and woke up and just about everything was corrupted and unretrievable. :frowning:

i’ve killed most of the processes in the background, although i’m running on a tweaked version of windows server 2003 for both professional reasons and because without having the 3 or 4 days required to get any of my favorite linux installations (gentoo or demudi) up to task, it’s the next best os i’ve ever used. so there are more ‘necessary’ things running in the background but i noticed this problem on xp home and pro too. maybe 512 mb pc 3200 with onboard graphics just doesn’t cut it anymore…

i do have another issue that i believe i can’t figure out because i’m being stupid… the benq i just got is reading very well but VERY SLOWLY and i’ve had this problem with other drives. i wanted to post some scans but nero cd/dvd speed will only read my discs at around .83x. drivespeed is weird - it has two entries for ‘read speed’ - the first is grayed out with no speed entered and can’t be changed, and the second gives 8x,4x, & 2x. hitting detect doesn’t change anything. ??? while they’re beautiful scans at .83x, they take a year to read and i would hope to get better than 0.83x transfer rates…

oh, and also, i burned a full mkm01 dual layer last night before going to bed, woke up and saw it took the regular ol 2.4x 48 minutes long, instead of the 23 or so minutes i’d expected with ‘4x’ burning which nero detected. weird…

by the way, this is all with the stock firmware… i’ll try seeing if there’s anything better to use…

Yeah, update everything

  • CD Speed 3.80
  • firmware B7V9
  • Nero

Check in Nero Infotools the aspi status.
Try also running the Benq alone on IDE2.

Edit : On which media your slightly slow burns at 16X ? (WOPC sometiimes distrusts some media for high speed burning and 23 Mb/s is too minimal for 16X/22Mb/s)

I’ve had the slow reading issue happen a couple of times. In both cases rebooting the machine fixed it.

Have you double checked your Dma settings to make sure you’re not in pio mode?