New benq 1655 install help

Hi, I have in my hands the benq 1655 retail dec 2005 and I have a couple of questions. My current optical config is as follow:

one dvd-rom
one cd burner

I will remove the cd burner and put the 1655 in that bay. but the 1655 didn’t come with any cables. It came with software, cd-r lighscribe media, hard/soft guides and screws. My question is can I use the cable that’s plugged in the cd burner and use with the dvd burner? Or do I have to get a dvd burner cable? Also, how do you test the burner to see if it’s up to snuff? Do you have to put a dvd disc in? Or a dvd-r? I have some ty02 (good media my gf tells me) coming in. And how do you read the results? I’ve seen some pictures and I haven’t the foggiest if they mean good or bad. Thanks in advance.

P.S Is the retail version supposed to come with cables?

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The ide cable that used to connect cd burner may not be up to it. Ideally you want 80 wire & what you may have could be 40 wire. The simplest thing to do is connect dvd burner & run a burst rate test with CD/DVDSpeed. Do this with a single layer disc (you can use dual layer/pressed disc) as long as there’s data on it. Burst rate around 23/24 mbs. If you don’t have CD/DVDSpeed, download from my sig. If burst rate is lower than this it may be the cable (80 wire is colour coded starting with blue for motherboard) You may need to check DMA.
How to check DMA click here.

Cable has nothing to do with connection or the performance of your drive, all these cable meet min requirement of UDMA with transfer rate of 33MB/sec therefore your existing cable is adequate just try to have the drive you are going to use mostly as reader drive have on Mater and the one for burning as slave.

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Two reasons for mentioning cable. 1 age, they do deteriorate, if it’s 80 wire then it’s not so likely to be old & decrepid. 2 The later faster DVDRWs’ do appreciate the newer cable & is recommended by most manufacturers. I know this could be just a money making ploy, but in my experience you seem to get the best out of a drive with 80 wire. Plus less problems.
Reading my previous post I realise that what I meant when referring to cable was unclear. In that what I meant was if cable was faulty (this could affect transfer rate)then to replace this & better to go for 80 wire rather than 40.

Good Advise.

Thanks for the replies.

I opened my box and I noticed that both optical drives were set to the first jumper setting. from left to right. I googled it and that jumper setting is cs. Should I set the 1655 to cs as well? Or should I leave it the way it came? (slave)


Hi :slight_smile:
Try BenQ on CS if you want. Personally I prefer Master/Slave configuration.

Perfect Graphical and visual demonstration, you can’t ask for more.