New Benq-1650



I just got my Benq-1650B. OEM didn’t come with cables. I figured it wouldn’t. It didn’t come with an installation manual. I went on the Benq site, and they don’t have it available for download.
I was wondering, do I just remove the old drive (LG CD-RW CED-8080B) and put the new one in it’s place with the same cabling? Is there anything else?:confused: 98se specs listed below.


Yes, you can take one drive out and fit the new.

On the back of both drives is a small jumper block, just make sure the BENQ is set to the same jumper positions as the drive you take out.


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Whilst this is for a Philips 1660 (It’s the same drive as BenQ 1650). It gives you all the info you need for installing your drive.




Be aware, a number of drive don’t do well with 40 wire cables. You might want to make sure you have 80 wire just in case.


How would I check for this?


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On 80wire 40pin the connectors are colour coded. Blue, grey & black for motherboard, slave & master. 40wire 40pin is not.