New Benq 1650 Laser focus



today I installed a new 1650 OEM
before burn any disc I did a flash to the latest BCDC

I did some data dvd burns and for the first time… in my life…
I could hear a Burner… to try to focus the laser lense…

Like the sound of my Playstation when tries… to read a scratched disc
This sound is clear 4-5 times while the dvd burning…
I remember my Benq 1640 Nec 3540 and many other recoders… and never could hear such a “noise”…
The disc seems ok after burn… but it sounds to me like not normal…

Hope you understand what exactly I mean… and i would like to know if it’s
1650 specific… or my drive is probably problematic?


What you are hearing is the drives WOPC feature which will read parts of the disk during a burn to make sure the quality is ok. If it annoys you, WOPC can be shut off using the QSuite utility.


It is only recommended to shut off wopc if the quality of the media is high. Low quality media will almost always write better with wopc enabled.

But yes, wopc is what you are hearing.


Good to know, I was wondering what that sound was…


thank you for your answers…
I only use… high quality media so probably i will turn it off

thnx again… I was afraid of a defected drive

BTW Using QSuite I see that WOPC is re-enabled when I restart
is there a way to permanently disable it…


It’s probably solidburn testing disc speeds as it starts out - it tries focus-ing and also tries different laser powers … it happens on 1640 too


I was wondering about this too. It happens to my 1655 when the drive is first starting a burn. After that I don’t hear it.

I also have a 1640 and have never heard it on that drive. Maybe my 1640 is just not as loud.