New benq 1650, 16X burn takes 9-10 min?

Hi all. I just picked up a 1650 to replace my tired liteon 1633s@1653s. It came with firmware BCDC, and using nero with QSuite 2.1 WOPC on SB/OS on/on i burned my first disk (verbatim 8X -R, think it was MCC02) approximately 3 gig and it took about 6 minutes. I burned another set of files from dvdshrink (just over 4 gig) and the burn took 10 minutes, claiming to burn at 16 X according to nero. Am i missing something? Its running UDMA 2, shouldnt a 16X burn take less than 10 min?

The quality scores were very good (95 and 97 for the first two burns on the drive).

Computer details:
p4 1.4 gHz 384 mb ram drive on secondary IDE CS master, 80 pin cable, win xp pro, standard IDE drivers for intel.


Your version of Nero doesn’t report the actual writing speed. With SolidBurn activated, whatever speed you select in Nero, it’s SolidBurn that will choose the writing speed, depending on the media.

About 6 minutes is standard for 8X with SolidBurn.

10 minutes is about the time that this drive takes to burn @4X, so I guess it’s what happened with your second burn.

I agree, except an 8x burn should take around 8 min
and a 4x about 14. :slight_smile:

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To show true speed in Nero Use this.
Using QSuite enable SolidBurn & OverSpeed to try & get the best quality/speed ratio.

Thanks alot!

So when nero starts burning and says 'burning at 16X" its not the actual speed? Using the reg file that zebadee provided, will that correct the speed, to show true speed?

thanks again for your help.


@[B]Zebadee[/B]: I’m learning something! Didn’t know this nifty REG tweak! Thanks :clap:

I would recommend burning MCC02RG20 (Verbatim 8x DVD-R) at 8x. If you want to burn faster, get a 16x media such as Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004), or Taiyo Yuden ±R 8x/16x and burn at 12x to be safe.

I will most likely burn the rest of the MCC02RG20s at 8X, but you know how it is when you get a new toy and want to see what it can do :bigsmile: . For my next batch im definitly going with +R from here on out.