New BenQ 1640 Review


Heres the link to the latest BenQ 1640 review:

It gives the 1640 a 9/10 evaluation-


Well, I wonder why a nearly perfect drive like the Benq 1640 gets 9 out of 10 whereas some average drives such as Plex 712A gets 10 out of 10? Not very realistic in my opinion.



Plextor 712A was one of the best drive at the time (early 2004). There are many features from 712A that other burners don’t have, even 16x burners, ie overburning DVD 5000MB, quality scan capabilities, 12x P-CAV which leads to faster 12x even faster than some 16x burns. CD Freaks gave 712A Editor’s Choice.

9 out of 10 for BenQ 1640 is not that bad, actually. :wink:

More than that. PX-712 series was the only 12x writer when others had only 4x and 8x writers. LG and Lite-On later joined with 4120 and 1213 respectively. 1640 is hardly unique in its main features now and actually BenQ delayed a lot till releasing 1640.