New BenQ 1640 firmware: BSMB

Thanks to zebadee for the heads up on this one.

Adds features to QSuite 2.1

Note: This firmware turns off OverSpeed and cleans all learned media


Unbranded TTH02 16x media
SB, OS, WOPC = on
16x selected, burned at 12x :frowning:

Last scan is the same media with BSLB @ 16x.

Yo C-

Thanks for the links and scans-

Looks pretty good to me-


Sweet, just flashed, but it’s late. I’ll play around with it tomorrow.

Turn that frown upside down. A little slower, but notably better too. :slight_smile:

Modified DVD+R DL aye? OK. Time for a new burn. Hope it’s at least as good as BSLB. I’ve done great with that.

Note: We need a fingers-crossed smiley Heh

Hehe, yeah - I actually don’t mind when the BenQ uses 12x because it’s so quick anyway, but it’s also nice to have the choice. :wink:

Thanks for the news CodeKing! It’s about time- :wink:

Thanks to zebadee too! :wink:

Thanks for the info.

Just burned a TYG02.

Burned at 8X with DVD Decrypter(O/S OFF)

Last scan is the same media in same spindle burned with BSLB yesterday (with same Qsuite settings).

Both look about the same to me. But then, this is just one disc and first burn, so prob don’t mean much yet.

I’d be happy with a 50% reduction in PIE errors. :wink:

No problem here burning MCC03RG20 at 16x speed:smiley:

All setting in QSuite_2.1 as default except for WOPC=off.

Anybody else noted the “new” write strategy when WOPC disabled… or is it just me?

pinto2, nice burn :slight_smile:

I think that -R method with WOPC off, has been around since at least BSLB: :wink:

Thanks C0deKing.

BTW, I had the dip at start and the total burntime when WOPC disabled in mind… :wink:

Ah yes, I see it now, sorry…

Looks like there’s no spiking at the end bit for 16x burns on that media?

Hi there,

my big question is:

Has anyone tried RITEK D01 Double Layer media with the new firmware? Until (and including) BSLB, all my burn efforts with that media type stopped at the 2nd layer…

Let me know!!

All the best,


The PIF spikes “that are not there” with 16X +R burns are still there. Come on BENQ, fix this…

The spikes are still there as usual with +R media at 16x.

damn … lets see … can that be fixed? :S?

Thanks for the links. Time to melt some plastic.

According to BenQ it is not a problem as CATS devices doesn’t report any issues /spike problems. Thus it’s not an issue to them - and I also doubt it is fixable, may be a hardware/OPC design issue.