New Benq 1640 Firmware BSLB available

wow :frowning:

As it happens, I just swapped the BenQ 1640 to slave and liteon 52327s to master, same problem :frowning:

Seems like BenQ have made a drive that’s incompatible with arguably the greatest cdrw drive.

Not a wise move to leave this unfixed BenQ! (if they read these forums at all).

EDIT: Also, are there any people that own both the BenQ DW1640 and the Lite-ON LTR52327s on the same ide channel that are running problem free?

I should probably mention my system specs just in case anything else affects this:
A64 winchester 3200+
1gig samsung pc3200 (2x512mb)
MSI K8n neo2 (nforce3 based)
Radeon 9700pro
Audiotrak prodigy 7.1 sound card
Compro DVB-T300 (freeview + analogue tv card)

Primary ide onboard channel:

  • Samsung P80 160gig PATA
  • Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 8 40gig PATA

Secondary ide onboard channel:

  • BenQ DW1640 DVDRW drive
  • Liteon LTR52327s CDRW drive

the Master/Slave issues exist with the PX-716A as well…seems like several ODDs don’t like to play nice with others…

Back to the high spikes at 16X with this media
Verbatim MCC 004 at 16X
OS on
SB on
WOPC off
in 5 mn 40

Maybe 12X woulb be the correct speed for it ATM

Oh, great.

So do we have a definitive list of what IDE controller pci-cards will work well with the BenQ DW1640.

I know of the definitive ide controller thread but it doesn’t really mention specifics of benq drives. And from what I remember reading here, im not sure BenQ drives even like pci ide controller cards (raid or not).

Can anybody clarify?

LOL you’re such an optimist… those spikes have been there all the way from the first BenQ 1620 (maybe even longer). I don’t think they will fix this especially as they said the spikes aren’t an issue (right). I wonder if they even can fix this problem.

Verbatim Branded MCC 02RG20 DVD-R 8x. (MIT)
BenQ 1640 BSLB FW.
Solid Burn/Overspeed enabled. WOPC On.
Burned @12x.
Dont know who make this stuff just says MIT.
Burns pretty well at 12x.

Hey Quikee, yes you probably right. Well gang, don’t expect BenQ will fix this problem then… :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone load this into MCSE yet? when i do, it’s not showing any media codes… :confused:

Had the same thing! ala42 probably has to tweak MCSE as he does with about every FW revision for it to work with the new FW.

thanks for the confirmation crossg…so i guess that means i should hold off on speedpatching BSLB, right? i’m new to all this FW hacking :wink:

Anyone else still haveing problems with TTG02? Even with BSLB I can’t get them to burn over 4X. I have tried with WOPC on and off and it is still the same. Anyone have any suggestions? I have already ruined about a dozen of these discs and don’t want to wast them all.


is this beta firmware? It’s not even on the global (headquarters) website.

ala42 is usually pretty quick at releasing a new revision. Just a quick reflash when he gets to it.:slight_smile:

The silicon chipset 680 pci controller cards work with benq drives. :wink:

OverSpeed Enabled
SolidBurn Activated/Activated
WOPC Enabled
SONY D11 - 8X burned at 16x

VERY BAD…VERY BAD :frowning: :frowning:

Some media just won’t go that fast.

My create disc screen grab here was a TTG02 disc burned at 12x, some of my tests with more of the same media have burned at 12x & 8x the most and once at 4x so it could be dependent on the quality of the disc (at least its no longer burning at 2.4x all the time).

@energy1959 i think that scan is actually not too bad, just the dreaded ‘spikes after 3GB’ that zevia was talking about. if that disc has a good transfer rate, i think it’ll be fine.

Best try scanning it on another drive like a Lite-on to see.

sounds like a plan :iagree: