New BenQ 1640 firmware BSKB and QSuite 2.0

Certainly a possibility but unlikely as they are jewel case Plextor branded 8x DVD+R’s which burned just fine at 16x with my 1620, it is strange they started out so bad but they do seem to be getting better with each burn.

Media: Sony DVD+R(YUDEN000 T02) 50/cakebox
Write: 8x
Solidburn: Enabled
Overburn: Disabled(QSuite 2.0)

Media: Plextor DVD-R 5er
Mediacode: TYG02
Burner: Benq DW 1640 FW BSKB
Software: DVD Decrypter
Burnspeed possible: 16x
Burnspeed selected: 12x
Solidburn: OFF
Overspeeding: OFF

So, I wanted to know how the discs perform without the new techniques.
I don’t like the results, BSJB seems to perform better atm :frowning:

Great result! :bow:

Try backing up a movie with WOPC on, Solidburn enabled using CloneDVD2 for the fun of it.

Well, this is my first scan with K, MCC 004 burned @ 16x .
The disc came from a 10pack Verbatim +R and all the other discs burned with BSJB ( @12 and 16x ) were excellent. I really don’t know what went wrong with this one.
Gonna try enabling Solidburn next time.

OK…I did a burn using my Fujifilm 8X -R disks…Funny result with the Inkjet Printable ones (Prodisc)…they burned at 2X all the way through even though rated at 8X…forget that one!

Now…my other Fujifilm are 8X -R Taiyo Yuden…here are the results…Guess what I don/t get is why quality score is 00…


Most probably because you got 172 POF’s… :confused:

@ all, can WOPC be disabled when you chose Solid Burn?
Don’t have a 1640 by my own :sad:

^^PO Failures…

EDIT: pinto2, guess we posted at the same time :slight_smile:

I am happy with this. First disc :slight_smile:

Fuji T02 1159
Solidburn on
Overspeeding On
Burn speed 12

BTW how do I enabled overburning?

EDIT: Nevermind. If you enable overburn in your burning prog it will work.

BTW what is a ‘safe’ amount to enabled for both + and -R? Here for instance it says this CMC AE1 can do 4603. I know it will never burn that much in reality and +R’s will overburn slightly less. So what amount can I try for both formats? 4580 perhaps?

Maxell +R 4x(MAXELL 001)
4X @12X(overspeed 300%)

Ricoh JPNR 01 002
Overspeed on
Burn Time 6:45
Burn Speed 12x

:iagree: :iagree:

BenQ 1640 just released in the U.S.A. Give it time for more firmware updates and the BenQ 1640 will produce just as good quality writes overburning as the BenQ1620 :iagree: :iagree:

bobmitch you are scanning at Maximum try it at 8X like the others here and see what you get.


Not bad with these media the second burn had a small improvement over the first but nothing to write home about.

Brand: Datawrite Classic Yellowtop
MID: Prodisc R03
Media: 8x DVD+R
Burn speed: 12x
Solidburn : Enabled

When you scan at maximum it defaults to 8x.

Best scan yet… :iagree:

MCC004 burnt at 16x with BSKB.
Default options, no overspeed, no solid burn activated.

Was that with stock strategy? you didn’t use MSCE ?

Holy crap, the peaks at the end are gone! Woooo.

Can’t wait to play around with this when I get home.