New BenQ 1640 firmware BSKB and QSuite 2.0

Something good is coming on the 15 August…

hehehehe…watch for it at the ftp site… :smiley:

UPDATE: It’s here: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

QSuite 2:

Which ftp site? Benq’s? You have a link by chance? Thanks. :slight_smile:

The release of QS 2.0 and the new BSKB firmware for the BenQ 1640.

Any change log for the new QS 2.0 and new FW eleewhm?
by the way, BenQ 1640 retail is on sale for $60 at Microcenter, if price matched by circuit city, it would be $54, not bad for a local retail store. But of course, only retailers have this for cheaper but a bit inconvenient

Man … my 1620’s already feeling neglected … :slight_smile: Hehe …

Time to step up and get a 1640. Keep rollin’ those firmwares out … rollin, rollin, rollin … RAWHIDE!!!

( sorry, just had a good dinner and feeling purdy satisified … and maybe a little light headed with all the blood rushing to my stomach )


I haven’t tried this software out yet. I’m lookin’ forward to givin’ the 2.0 a try with both my 1620 and 1640.

dude you have exact system as me lol, except 200gb wd ide.

what’s new with qsuite and bskb fw?

This hopefully. :slight_smile:

@elee, just let’s hope this isn’t a new *I flop.

If that happened then will put 1640 on top of the all 16Xs drives in the market.

Hehe… must be one in a million for that to occur :slight_smile:

I’m off to buy lotto!

I’ll hope they don’t forget the 1620!!!

… amen to that … :clap:

@pinto2…i luv it…:D:D…hope you guys will luv it too…:smiley:

1620 is there already…lets go on with 1640… :clap: :clap:

can’t wait!!! :iagree:

I’m excited and I havent even ordered mine yet. I guess Im waiting to see how good the new features work.

??? :confused:

I think he’s saying the 1620 offers overspeeding and overall general stability already where the 1640 does not… the firmware for the 1640 is most in need of an update of the two, IMHO.

I’d like to see updates for both. :bigsmile:

What was wrong with your first 1640?