New BenQ 1640 DVD burner firmware: BSMB

I just posted the article New BenQ 1640 DVD burner firmware: BSMB.

 Looks like I have missed an important  posting in the BenQ Forum, intended for all of  us lucky DW1640 DVD±RW double layer burner               owners. Forum Moderator,...
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The problem I notice in this BSMB+QSuite combo is that you cannot use Qscan anymore! PC hangs and you’ll be forced to hard reset the system! It’s good that I’m still able to go back to BSLB.

Mine also is locking up with the new BSMB firmware & Qscan

No problem here with BSMB + Qsuite 2.1!!! :B

TYG02 burns are worse with BSMB and don’t even get me started with the Qshit application…

I thought this was an upgraded firmware, not a downgraded one… :r

Went back to BSLB. To many weird issues with this new stuff. Im sure Benq will make it right. After all untill something gets out in the wild under millions of systems then and only then can it be fully tested. A programer makes one of the worlds worst test people of a program that they themselfs wrote.

BENQ needs to fix BMSB fast!

BSMB and QSuite 2.1 hang for me too. I thought I was the only one.

BSMB and QSuite 2.1 hang for me too 3 times of 4. The scan that work was fast and diffrent. :+

PC hang with qscan me too but bsmb burn better dvd-r