New BenQ 1640 BSJB firmware released

Any news yet on the release on the afforementioned firmware?
I’ve made 3 DL Disc coasters so far and I hesitate to write any more before upgrading my firmware.

UPDATE (22 July 2005)
BSJB is now released. Here are the links to the firmware:

Firmware file BSJB
1640 Download Center

Release Reason:

  1. Improve the writing performance for low speed & DVD+R DL media.

not available…bye :disagree:

Should be here very soon.

I contacted BenQ Netherlands about a black faceplate, and also mentioned the lack of overspeed burning.

They reacted that overspeeding will be supported in the next firmware which supports SolidBurn…
It is in the final test phase.

I guess then would be the new QSuite released, too!
It should have the function to disable or to enable SolidBurn.

Yippeeeee… can’t wait for it …

More time is needed, for the new firmware release, not soon :disagree:

What ever happened to BSIB? :sad:

It got pulled from the web fast after being launched.
The reason was a bug (that was later fixed in BSIB-1) and worse writing quality.

BSIB and BSIB-1 is same, only changed the loader version. :slight_smile:

Considering the cost of DL media and DL burner drives, isn’t it more economical to buy another drive able to burn at 6-8x well? You can sell used drives but not wasted DL media.

Yes,but the problem is the drive is only 3 weeks old and when buying it I was considering the BenQ 1640 vs NEC 3540.
Don’t know if I made a mistake, 'cause now my BenQ has really high PIF spike problems on +R media ,not like the ussual spikes past 3.0GB but really high 40-50 PIF past 2.5-3.0GB. :frowning:
Should I RMA the drive or what?

First off what media? Then tell us how you have it configured and what firmware.

Sure,here comes.
The system is a Northwood 2.8 (800MHz) on a Gigabyte GA-8I875Ultra , 1GB DDR400 (Viking @ 3-3-3-6) , 80GB SATA Seagate 7200.7. BenQ 1640 is on primary IDE Channel connected with a 80pin (ATA 133) cable and Liteon ltr-52327S is on Secondary IDE Channel also via and 80pin cable.

The unit is made in Malasya( at least I think so :slight_smile: ,I don’t want to open the case right now) in May '05. Came shipped with BSHB and I burned all of my discs except one with that version.I switched to BSIB-1 knowing it’s a bad firmware but I wanted to try it out anyway.
The first DL disc was Traxdata (Rotek D01) @ 2.4x and the second one was a Verbatim (MKM001) @4x. Both of them could be read from the BenQ unit but PS2 and some other drives refused.

The third DL disc was also an MKM001 but this time @2.4 with BSIB.This disc is readable in both BenQ and PS2 but PS2 can’t read the Layer Break part( nor can BenQ).I don’t have the scan of that disc but the scan was perfect (PI <15 ,PIF-4-6) until Layer break and then there is a single spike (PIF-2500 and POF - cca 23000).

I’ve attached the scans so you can see.

Yes they are horrible. Try putting the drive on it’s own (No other drives connected) and make sure you are using the default MS IDE drivers (Check to make sure the driver is showing UDMA mode for that drive) and swapping the cable over too. One other thing. Make sure your hard disk is not fragmented. You can always do a CD Speed burn without actually burning data from the hard disk to tell if it’s a transfer problem.

Hope this helps. If not. RMA it.

Maybe DL’s not for you, but if you still want to use DL media, ignore Ritek DL media and burn at lower speed. All of your scan results are worse than anything I’ve had.

The first few scans were made on a different cable but are still the same,and yes,the drive is showing UDMA (that was the first thing I checked).HDD isn’t fragmented (I defrag it every 2-3 weeks anyway).
What exactly is that transfer test in CD Speed ? Is that the default reading test the drive performs or is it something else ? Because the drive can read as good as any other (speedpatched w/MCSE) and tops at about 16.3x. The burst rate is 23MB/s.

@ Kenshin

I only use MKM DL media ,the Ritek one was given to me by a friend that needed something burned fast.I warned him that Ritek DLs are bad but he didn’t listen.

I’ll wait for BSJB and then burn one more MKM001 (or 003 ,if they arrive by then) . If the results are bad then I’ll RMA.

And I really thought that nothing could go wrong after researching so much for the perfect drive :frowning:

When a drive is first released, it is never perfect, it is generally far from it. When I got my Pioneer 109 people were saying it was a poor burner, but now, it has improved quite a bit and once again an excellent writer with all sorts of media (still has some minor issues). The DW1640 will go the same route, start off slow, but kick into high gear later on.

Luckily I can use my 109 for DL media right now and once the DW1640 I can try out some 8x DL burns… :slight_smile:

Well, this is the last Verbatim DVD+R DL I burnt with my BenQ DW1640 @2,4x and firmware BSIB, and I think it isn’t so bad…! :rolleyes:

I think you should RMA your drive.

Have you tried BSHB?