New Benq 1620 write speed


Just installed oem Benq 1620 (G7H9).Flashed without trying it out to B7P9, using (.CVT).Checked in DVDinfo Pro appears to be good.

Problem? I’m burning my first disk-DVD-r (ritek g04 4x) in Nero I only have option to burn at 4X is this correct.


What version of Nero are you using?


also I’m trying to do a “Disc Quality Scan” it is very very slow 0.46x

that is wrong surely

Thanks,i hope you have some ideas on this

Only 4X is normal for all benq firmware to-date un less you want to try strategy swapping by applying ala42’s tool (see the relevant topic)

You probably used an outdated version of cd speed. Download 3.61 here

Happy burning !

Thanks for reply & link,will try that later.

i thought I could burn at higher speeds ie.X6 or X8 etc I thought I read some burn x8media@x12 for example,am I confused about this?

As to your Ritek Media RITEKG04 = 4x in unmodified firmware.

The latest firmware for the DW1620 is B7T9, go here for this and the windows flasher.

Now, if you are feeling brave you can change that firmware so it can write 8X just take a look at this thread: